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Replication to remote NAS on Internet

I have (2) TS-870U-RP NAS units. Our intent is to use one of them as a storage target for a backup system located at the main corporate site. This device will be deployed on our local LAN behind a Cisco firewall (which has a static IP assigned to its WAN inbterface). For the 2nd NAS we want to colocate it at an Internet data center to receive a replica of the data written to the ...
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Synching 2 NAS

I have 2 QNAP NAS that I would like to sync.
I went to use remote replication using the rsync. However, it asks me for source and destination folder. However I didn't create folders. I have created 1 volume and accessible via iscsi. I would like to replicate that lun to another qnap. However, so when I go to source folder, it only gives me default source folders that are empty, and I can't ...
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2-Way Sync Creating Null Files With "~$!#~" Codes

Hi All;

I have a problem with Qnap 2-Way-Sync feature. I have 2 Qnap (Qnap Ts-670 Pro with 4.1.0 Firmware) and setup Qnap 2 way sync from my Office in Turkey Qnap Ts- to London Office. Problem is Qnap periodically create null files with strange characters just like “~$!#~998”. This happens only in London side Qnap, and no problem on Turkey side Qnap. ... r.jpg?dl=0

Also this problem ...
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NAS to NAS (2x QNAP) - job not starting as scheduled

Hi friends,
maybe somebody knows answer...
I have TS-459PROII running NAS-TO-NAS replication jobs on TS-251, what is my backup NAS
I enabled daily Schedule of the jobs (several shared folders to be copied in different time during day) and when I enable manual start (using play button) it works and finish the job fine
But it does not start automatically - never.

Any idea what to check or what to do to enable jobs automatic ...
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Unexpected error! (-17)

I'm a newbie so sorry if this question has been asked before. I have 2 x TS-469L Turbo Nas's. One at home, one at the office. They have the exact same folder/file structure on each. The idea is if I work at home, or at the office both systems will have the same files on them. An IT friend has set up RTRR to run hourly. All worked fine within his LAN environment, but now ...
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NAS to NAS using two QNAPs

Hi friends,
I´m using TS-459Pro II running 4x4TB RAID5 and would like to use automatic replication on another NAS, what will be used only as backup, so maybe 2-bay version.
Tried several WD products, what I have available over here (MyCloud Mirror, MyCloud EX2) and no luck to create replication job on QNAP - tried all options (rsync, nas to nas...) and cannot list the directories on remote server even when login on remote NAS ...
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Remote Sync with VPN

Is it possible to have a QNAP NAS connect to another QNAP NAS through VPN to do remote sync/file replication ?

I have 2 QNAP Nas located in separate location both with fibre connection.
Both network has a VPN Server running and working.
I want the QNAP NAS to be able to connect to the other network's QNAP NAS as a vpn client and perform a file replication/sync on schedule.

I know it can be ...
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NAStoNAS or Rsync

Hi all,

i am backupping my most important data to a second server that is located in the house of my parents.

I can do this with NAStoNAS or via Rsync.

Both are working:
- What option is the best option to use?
- via NAStoNAS there is an option to encrypt the data (ssh via admin). What I notice is that this option creates a lot of
unwanted traffic to my NAS. As where ...
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RTRR Error - The second path of the folderpair is invalid

Hi I have 3 TS-459 Pro+ units - for now in the same LAN.
All have 4 1TB drives (Raid5) and the latest firmware (4.1.0) installed.
Each unit is replicating a number of shares to shares on another unit.

So NAS 1 (called "SL") is replicating the shares (folders) "A1" and "B1" to the shares "SL-A1" and "SL-B1" on NAS 2
It also replicates the shares (folders) "C1" and "D1" to the shares "SL-C1" and ...
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Updated TS-212 with TS-410 Firmware

An incident has occurred in which the TS-410 firmware was applied to a TS-212, is it possible to recover? At present I'm unable to connect via SSH, Qfinder sees the device but won't let me flash back to the TS-212 firmware because it things the device is a TS-410?
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