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TS-259 not powering up


I have a TS-259 that was left unpowered for a few months and now won't turn on it, but can hear a distinct clicking sound but there is no leds and no fan.

Have had HDDs installed and have removed them as well with no success.

Purchased new power supply with same result.

Tested both old and new power adapters with multimeter and got a 12V reading.

Performed continuity test on the power sockets ...
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RSNAPSHOT: Password still required


I gave the howto instructions a chance and installed rsnapshot. So far, everything is working, but when I entered "snapshot daily" it still asks for a password. If I enter the password, everything is working and I get a good backup.
I also tried to use the key with ssh -i /root/.ssh/userkey and just got in without a password. So the keys are working so far.
This is what I changed in the config ...
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RTRR Replication Job - list of files backed up

I have a RTRR Replication job setup using the FTP with SSL setting. It is from a Remote Server to my local QNAP Nas.

Everything works great and I get a Notification email:

Server Name: MY-NAS
IP Address:
Date/Time: 2015/02/27 00:19:28

The synchronization of RTRR job finished.

Folder Pairs : 1
Total File(s) : 3379
Total Folder(s) : 551
Skipped Files : 3379
Backed-up Files : 5
Total File Size : 610.19 ...
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After update to 4.1.2 B0126: [Remote Replication] failed:

After an update to the latest firmware (4.1.2 Build 0126) my remote QNAP fails its Remote Replication job (to my Local QNAP, over SSL port 22) with the following error:
(backupjobname) failed: key_load_public: invalid format :(

Remote replication the other way round (from local to remote) works without any issues.
According to Google, this must have something to do with SSL, but I can't seem ...
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RRTR - incremental backup seems not working

Dear All,

I have a TS-253 Pro and a TS-210.
I configured the 253 to backup a folder to 210.
The folder is about 2 TB but it's content is not changing too often (about 10GB/day).
I noticed that the RRTR alignment between the two NAS servers is taking quite long.
I can understand that the first sync might take longer but I would expect the following iterations are much faster.
Instead, it looks like ...
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Nas Backup

Hi there,

Im setting up my backup policy using 2 QNAPs. I'll backup my Office Qnap to my Home Qnap.
So i'd like to know some things:

1-Whats the difference between Rsync, RTRR and NAS to NAS Backup?
2-As i dont have Fixed IP at home, may I use DDNS service from Qnap as Address? (I saw somewhere that they dont recommend to transfer larger amount of data)
3-I've used RTRR in the past but ...
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RTRR problem - Can't get the information of the source (-62)

2 QNAP NAS connected via a linksys E3000 router & cat6 cables on same intranet

TS-470 Pro
4.1.1 Build 20141101
Intranet IP, running RTRR server on port 8899
up 24*7

4.1.2 Build 20141229
Intranet IP, set to auto power-on everyday 0650hr, and synchronize a the folder "homes/SK" of Source everyday 0700hr thru RTRR

But error message
Can't get the information of the source (remote side) directory "homes/SK/La-Ikus/Documents/"! (-62)
Connection timed ...
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Local file checksum tool

Dear All !

I have a master backup TS-253 Pro and a slave backup TS-210 which are periodically aligning (Master over Slave) using the NAS 2 NAS backup option.
So far so good and I'm really happy about how it is working.

I only have a doubt which I would kindly ask you to help me with.
What if one or more files on the master are getting corrupted ?
Does it mean that the ...
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URbackup client on QNAP?

Is it possible to install urbackup linux client on TS-469U ?

We use urbackup for workstation backup over LAN. Urbackup server is installed on old, but still serviceable Windows Server 2003 box. We use TS-469U for file shares.

I could use windows ntbackup on that server for shared folders on QNAP, but it would be much better if I could install urbackup linux client on QNAP.

Main problem is that QNAP is in production, so ...
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RTRR with DDNS ? help noob alert

Hey guys
I try for ever now to do 1 simple task. copy all my files from my office QNap to my Home QNap and visa versa. So I set up an RTRR job that at begin worked... slowly but it worked but then, becasue I'm a noob it stoped working. why ? becasue I used the IP of the 2 netwroks but there are Dynamic IPs -.- so obv. after my provider reset my ...
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