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RTRR Replication failed


configured an RTRR between 421 to 451U
i'm always getting Replication failed: Broken pipe, the server connection closed unexpectedly when trying to replicate the ACL & Extended Attributes.
when i'm taking it off it's working.
both Qnap connected to the same Active directory.

there are many permissions on this that i want to be replicated. what to do?
both are 4.1.3 2015/04/08
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Rsync between QNAPs How To Move Data


I have successfully setup Rsync for copying files remotely from QNAPa to QNAPb for over a year now (unattended).

As with any process I am now looking into improving the transfer.

My objective is to now move the files from QNAPa to QNAPb but cannot seem to file any option in the GUI for --remove-source-files?

I am familiar with Windows Putty to gain access to both QNAP's but knowledge of linux is limited to ...
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replication from qnap1 to qnap2 by 10Gb directly

hi I have a question, maybe someone could help me ...

My situation is:

I have 2 QNAP TS-EC879U-RP

qnap1 firmware: 3.8.3 Build 20,130,426
qnap2 firmware: 4.0.5

qnap1> network settings:
- Ethernet1 + 2 + 3 + 4 (1Gb) (trunking)>
- Ethernet5 (10Gb card intel)>
- Ethernet6 (10Gb card intel)>
Gateway> use settings Ethernet1 + 2 + 3 + 4

qnap2> network settings:
- Ethernet1 (1Gb)>
- Ethernet5 (intel 10Gb)> ...
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RSYNC doesn't work

Hello everybody,

I defined a replication task between 2 TS870 using the rsync feature, but when I press the button "test", it stays on the step 9, and I get a timeout error
after a while.

I defined the same replication, but between the same NAS and a Windows server 2008 box wich is running a "rsync like" (deltacopy), and it workks perfectly !

Any Idea why 2 Qnapp devices refuses to communicate ? ...
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Accidentally altered config file


while trying alter the root user following these instructions

doublicate the line


and modify it to


I accidentally put # in front of the admin line and saved

Now i am unable to access my web interace, it shows up as no connection and I am not able to ssh in as it blocks me from using root and gives me a denied password for the admin account. i have tried resetting ...
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RSYNC subfolder with no access

Hi, I've set up a few RSYNC jobs from one QNAP NAS to a share on another NAS. One subfolder for each job.
The backupjobs are running fine, but on the Remote NAS I experience this when I want to browse and check the synced/backuped content:
- I can browse the Share, og into the rsyncdata subfolder, and even the jobfolder created
for example \\nas2share\rsyncData\job1folder
- But when I try to browse one more Level ...
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Veeam Repository


I ordered a TSEC2480U-RP to use as Veeam Repository. We ordered 24x6TB disks.

What is the best way to go?
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*** Netbak and/or Qsync changing mouse priority ***

Whenever Netbak and/or Qsync are running (in background - only seen on the taskbar) my mouse priority does not stay on the target,


I right click in a folder and choose create folder
The name for the new folder is highlighted momentarily and then the priority goes away and the new folder is called 'New folder'
Right click on a folder and choose rename
Go to type the new name and the folder is ...
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iSCSI LUN replication

Hi everybody,

we use different qnap models to provide iSCSI disks.
i was looking for a possibility to replicate these iSCSI Luns to another qnap, for disaster switchover.

since backing up and transfering takes too much time - i am still searching. for now we chose a external backup solution on the iSCSI-Clientside but a direct storage-2-storage solution is the target.
has anybody else found a good storage based solution?

i noticed that there is ...
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RAID 6 recovery after delete

Hi all!

This morning i found that our QNAP TS-1269U-RP not share netfork folder
I go to web admin, but password not match.
I was able to login at admin/admin

Logs from QNAP:
System restarting now
System reset to default settings
Removal completed.
[RAID6 Disk Volume Host Drive: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ...
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