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*** Netbak and/or Qsync changing mouse priority ***

Whenever Netbak and/or Qsync are running (in background - only seen on the taskbar) my mouse priority does not stay on the target,


I right click in a folder and choose create folder
The name for the new folder is highlighted momentarily and then the priority goes away and the new folder is called 'New folder'
Right click on a folder and choose rename
Go to type the new name and the folder is ...
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iSCSI LUN replication

Hi everybody,

we use different qnap models to provide iSCSI disks.
i was looking for a possibility to replicate these iSCSI Luns to another qnap, for disaster switchover.

since backing up and transfering takes too much time - i am still searching. for now we chose a external backup solution on the iSCSI-Clientside but a direct storage-2-storage solution is the target.
has anybody else found a good storage based solution?

i noticed that there is ...
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TS-431 firmware recovery/reflash

Dear all,

My QNAP TS-431 cannot boot anymore because I tried to install Debian according to Unfortunately, I haven't seen that TS-431 isn't yet supported and proceeded, my mistake. The result is that I have the first beep, and nothing afterwards, so reflash is definitely requiered.

However, in the instructions given on the wiki, my model (TS-431) isn't mentioned. Any help, experiences?

Thanks in advance
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RAID 6 recovery after delete

Hi all!

This morning i found that our QNAP TS-1269U-RP not share netfork folder
I go to web admin, but password not match.
I was able to login at admin/admin

Logs from QNAP:
System restarting now
System reset to default settings
Removal completed.
[RAID6 Disk Volume Host Drive: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ...
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rsync schedule not working?

I have a number of rsync modules configured to run daily on my TS-653Pro which were running fine up until recently. Now the scheduled tasks don't seem to run, no error nothing?? If I manually run them they work fine. I am running firmware 4.1.3 (2015/02/17) with 4 x 5TB Hitachi HDDs.
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TS-259 not powering up


I have a TS-259 that was left unpowered for a few months and now won't turn on it, but can hear a distinct clicking sound but there is no leds and no fan.

Have had HDDs installed and have removed them as well with no success.

Purchased new power supply with same result.

Tested both old and new power adapters with multimeter and got a 12V reading.

Performed continuity test on the power sockets ...
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RSNAPSHOT: Password still required


I gave the howto instructions a chance and installed rsnapshot. So far, everything is working, but when I entered "snapshot daily" it still asks for a password. If I enter the password, everything is working and I get a good backup.
I also tried to use the key with ssh -i /root/.ssh/userkey and just got in without a password. So the keys are working so far.
This is what I changed in the config ...
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RTRR Replication Job - list of files backed up

I have a RTRR Replication job setup using the FTP with SSL setting. It is from a Remote Server to my local QNAP Nas.

Everything works great and I get a Notification email:

Server Name: MY-NAS
IP Address:
Date/Time: 2015/02/27 00:19:28

The synchronization of RTRR job finished.

Folder Pairs : 1
Total File(s) : 3379
Total Folder(s) : 551
Skipped Files : 3379
Backed-up Files : 5
Total File Size : 610.19 ...
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After update to 4.1.2 B0126: [Remote Replication] failed:

After an update to the latest firmware (4.1.2 Build 0126) my remote QNAP fails its Remote Replication job (to my Local QNAP, over SSL port 22) with the following error:
(backupjobname) failed: key_load_public: invalid format :(

Remote replication the other way round (from local to remote) works without any issues.
According to Google, this must have something to do with SSL, but I can't seem ...
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RRTR - incremental backup seems not working

Dear All,

I have a TS-253 Pro and a TS-210.
I configured the 253 to backup a folder to 210.
The folder is about 2 TB but it's content is not changing too often (about 10GB/day).
I noticed that the RRTR alignment between the two NAS servers is taking quite long.
I can understand that the first sync might take longer but I would expect the following iterations are much faster.
Instead, it looks like ...
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