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load balancing backup


how to setup load balance backup for 2 nas?
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Rsync never completes


I have set up a Remote Replication job to another NAS running rsyncd on the same network. The job appears to run fine (shows the percentage change in status) but never successfully completes.

The two devices are:

QNAP TS-259 Pro+
Version 4.0.7 (2014/04/12)

FreeNAS- (fec915c)

Here are the error messages on the QNAP side:

Warning : [Remote Replication] esx failed: Connection reset by peer. Remote backup service might be restarted/stopped.. ...
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Remote replication and encryption at destination


I would like to get two TS-220 and use remote replication between them. However, for privacy reasons the data from each TS-220 should not be readable for the user of the other TS-220.

If I get it right, the encrypted remote replication is only for the transmission? If this is true, it is really a missing feature that the destination can't be password protected. Of course, the admin of each respective TS-220 can always ...
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Crashplan with Qnap 212

So I believe I have the crashplan app setup correctly, but on the crashplan app(on the computer) when I goto choose a folder I choose my multimedia folder, and hit backup. but it doesn't seem to backup any files. Am I choosing the right folder? When i click folder , i see a linux file server and choose /share/Multimedia but it doesn't seem like it's seeing the folders/files in it. Is there another file path?
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[S3]Incremental DOWNLOAD

QNAP tech support just informed me that only UPLOAD-type Cloud Backup is incremental, while DOWNLOAD-type is not.
I really need a way to perform incremental DOWNLOAD from S3 daily. Can anyone suggest a solution?
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Need help on my RAID Rebuilt

Hi All,

I owned a TS869Pro with 8 x 2TB disks populated in the box configured with RAID5 on 7 disks plus 1 hot spare. Recently, I've RMAed one of the disk due to bad sector and during which when I pulled out the faulty disk my hot spare kick in for rebuilt. But apparently when my refurbished disk is back, I plugged in the disk replacement disk with the box shutdown and when I ...
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Destination Folder List Won't Show Despite Successful Test

I am attempting to create a RR job for a remote NAS (TS-209II) from my local NAS (TS-219) and the "Destination Folder" list will not populate. It seems to time-out.

I know that the connection to the remote NAS is good because:
1) I have existing RR jobs to that NAS which execute with no errors
2) The "Test" option under the remote site settings gives a "Success" message

See attached screenshots.

Is there a ...
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Recovering from dropped disk with UFS Explorer

Ok everyone who has been struggling with this one I've found a solution and it worked great for me.

Recovery was on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit machine using UFS Explorer Professional Recovery.


I had two situations

Dropped drive because you were not using a compatible disk (NAS drive). Explanations can ...
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TS-459: rsync configuration

Hi. We are using TS-459 with firmware 4.0.3.
Three years all are working good. Now i need make reconfiguration existing task and create new task. But...
There is nop option for change settings of old task. Only one action is available - delete. Why???

Ok. When i want to configure new tasks, and i can't find destination path. But 3 years ago it worked! And i can't type manually...
How i can fixed it? ...
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TS-212 RAID 1 recovery - advice?

Hi everyone,

I've been battling it out over here with my NAS trying to find out whats going on with one of my WD Reds that it identified as being faulty in a RAID 1 array.

So, I started by removing the drive from my NAS and ran on a degrated single disk as I played around with the faulty drive using WD's diagnostic tool on a seperate PC. I ran the complete test and ...
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