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Remote backup

I have a TS-409 that i want to connect to a TS-219P to pull a backup.

I do not wan`t to leth the TS219P connect to the TS-409, but the TS-409 to connect to the TS-219P and make a backup of the data on the TS-219P.

Is it possible?

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disk 1 raid1 disk failure - require files recovered

Hi all,

My NAS failed 2 months ago.
Got the drive replaced under warranty, before i send it off, i tried to access it via windows and the files are still on the drive.
The raid failed so drive 2 was emptied,

I need to recover the files (just over 1TB) from drive 1.

I have tried 2 utilities, they find the drive and files, they are called reclaime and Diskinternals

Reclaime is painfully slow, ...
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Real Time mode RTRR in version 4.1

I have looked I think everywhere but I cannot find where to turn on "Real Time Mode" for RTRR. My only choices are "Disabled and Scheduled"

Am I missing something?

TS-469Pro with 4xWDC-WD30EFRX-68EUZNO
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QNap TS-412 Disaster recovery


I have QNap TS-412 set with 2 sets of 2 drives 2TB set to clone. I can't remember which raid but it was meant so that if one drive fails it can fall back on the secondry. So out of 8 2tb drives I had 4tb.

I was connected to the shared drive with my mac laptop OSX 10.9 and it gave me a warning that the device network drive is shutting down drive2. ...
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can anyone help?: Set Up SSL Authorized Keys

I have a backup system in the cloud which copies the files to a local storage QNAP device.
I am trying to set up SFTP the cloud backup system requires a key to be uploaded and a passcode.

so I figured I have to do something from the command line on the qnap using putty.
I typed: ssh-keygen -t rsa
Enter file in which to save the key (/share/homes/admin/.ssh/id_rsa):

I try to accept ...
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Replication (mirroring)

I've tried digging though the forums, but I've done so much reading and haven't found my answer. I want to do a NAS to NAS mirroring between two QNAP TS-419p units that are on the same network.

Is there a way to have one mirror the other without having to create identical shares on the other unit? I don't want to just dump them all into one folder. Can't this be done automatically every time ...
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RTRR error - "Out of memory"


I am syncing over the internet (SSL on) over rtrr (2-way sync) two NAS. One is TS879 e3 xeon with 16Gigs Ram and the other is standard TS859PRO+ with 2 Gigs RAM. The sync job originated from the 879. With a 10Mbit upload between both NAS, it is minimum feasible doing this kind of job (large files, some hundreds GigaBytes of information to backup. Am in no rush...)

It was my surprise that about ...
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RTRR QNAP to QNAP synchronization

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I have had an issue but this one is frustrating and I really need help to standardize the way I set up the way two QNAPs synchronize with each other.

Here is what I hoped would work:

QNAP1 (TS-469 Pro v 4.0.3) Here with me in the office. Our backups from Shadow Protect save the files (.spi, .md5 .spf) to these folders - QNAP1\Backups\ServerXX or QNAP1\Backups\ServerYY.

We have ...
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network name not found

hey Qnap users

i have a issu.
and it looks like it happens after the new update, i am on 4.0.5 and i have a TS412

well its hard to describe bud i going to do my ferry best :geek:

when i am at my pc and i try to type in de Bar of windows explorer my "nas name" like so "//NASC90544" <- that is how ...
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Corrupted /etc/config/rsync_schedule.conf

We've got 11 QNAP units, all except one are running 3.7.3 (unable to update since the bugs we found in 3.8.x and 4.0.x caused more problems)

Each of the QNAPs has somewhere from one to ten remote replication rsync jobs, backing up to a central rsync server. They've been running for years, on various revisions of firmware/

Periodically one or two of the jobs fail all their retries -- it's happened on three (possibly four) ...
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