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Unable to download Firmware_Recovery image for 559pro+

Hi, I am trying to following the procedure at to perform recovery for my 559pro+, however the link below is no longer available, any alternative location contains the firmware? many thanks!

TS-559 Pro, TS-559 Pro+, TS-559 Pro II ... -1.0.9.img
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Block-Level Replikation

if I make a Backup with Acronis to the QNAP Share, can I replicate this over WAN to another QNAP? The File is size is 300GB an everey day it grow up a Little bit. Is it a block Level replication where only changed blocks transferd?

sorry for my english.

best regards
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Qnap to Qnap now erroring

I've been having issues with qnap --> qnap replication lately. Every Friday night I perform a full backup of a file server share, replication using the qnap is scheduled at 5am every day. Throughout the week it replicates fine (replicates my incremental backups) . However Saturday morning when it replicated my previous nights full backup I have been getting the error

Server Name: QnapMain
IP Address:
Date/Time: 2014/05/17 06:43:44
Level: Warning
Main ...
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Replication with SSH - port 873, 22 or both?

Hi all

Apologies in advance if I'm being an idiot here, but I'm looking for a word of advice on NAS to NAS replication.

Have a TS 569 Pro (local site) and a TS 221 (remote). Standard replication over port 873 works perfectly, but I want to enable SSH.

So: enabled SSH on remote TS 221. Generated SSH keys on TS 569, copied public key to TS 221, appended to authorized_keys. From the TS 569 ...
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replication is "incremental" or full ?


Can you tell me if the replication is "incremental" or full ?
What i mean is, when a job is scheduled on a daily basis does it systematically synchronize everything or whether it checks first for existing data ?

Thanks for your feedback.
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TS-219@4.1.0 freezes on RTRR jobs

Hi everyone,

since I upgraded to a 469L to for my home network, I intended to use my old 219 as a backup device, set up as a 2TB RAID1 with no services running. The only thing it does is to retrieve data from my 469L on a schedule via RTRR. I also wanted to give the 4.1.0 beta firmware a shot and found that installed nicely on the old box. Nice piece of work, ...
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Rsync problem with two TS-269PROs


I have the very same problem, using two TS-269PRO
I try to sync large files in many folders.

I've tested small folder with small files in it and it worked fine.
So it's not a port problem...

Here is what I get;
io timeout after 601 seconds -- exiting
rsync error: timeout in data send/receive (code 30) at io.c(140)

Firware is updated and I can't seams to find anywhere where I could ...
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RSYNC or RTRR to Windows Server keeping ACL

Is there a way to RSYNC to a Windows based server and sync it with the security from QNAP intact?


Use RTRR as a lat resort to do the same?
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load balancing backup


how to setup load balance backup for 2 nas?
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Rsync never completes


I have set up a Remote Replication job to another NAS running rsyncd on the same network. The job appears to run fine (shows the percentage change in status) but never successfully completes.

The two devices are:

QNAP TS-259 Pro+
Version 4.0.7 (2014/04/12)

FreeNAS- (fec915c)

Here are the error messages on the QNAP side:

Warning : [Remote Replication] esx failed: Connection reset by peer. Remote backup service might be restarted/stopped.. ...
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