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Questions about using NAS on Mac OS.

Copying image files fails with "item is in use"

I am using my QNAP TS-219 as a FileServer for backing up my digital photos, but ever since I switched from PC to Mac it has been almost impossible. Every time I copy images to a share on my QNAP the operation will only copy a few and then stop with the error: "The operation can’t be completed because the item “DSC_XXXX.JPG” is in use."

After the error, the copy operation is rolled back, and ...
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read/write speed is stuck at 1.2mb

NAS TS-210, v.4.1.1
I have Yosemite 10.1, but the same issue was with Mavericks
Apple Express connection shown as 300mbit (small room), connected to 1gigabit switch which is connected through ethernet to Qnap
Internet Speed 56Mbit down/11Mbit up

However, whenever i connect to my NAS the read and write speeds are no more than 1.2MB/s. Even when i do i can see speed 5 times more (just to rule out WiFi connection).

What can ...
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Qsync questions


I am trying to use Qsync on a Mac,

1. Where do I find thr team folder shared with my user, I got the question to accept teamfolder. But it does not show up on my mac, if I use a windows machine it works like a charm.

2. How do I use the send liknk feature om a Mac, in windows it is right click file that I want to share.

Thanks in ...
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AFP suddenly not showing in Lion

Hi everyone,

I have two older laptops with OSX 10.7.5 Lion installed. Since they are not in every day use I am not sure how long and what (update?) caused them to not show AFP in the finder anymore. I have a Qnap TS269L with Firmware 4.1.1 installed. AFP with DHX2 and Bonjour are enabled.

I can access the shares manually by connecting to afp://192.168.-.-. No problem browsing the ...
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Qsync and Yosemite

Anyone has any experience so far? What is the official line from Qnap?
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NFS shares not accessable

I use my Mac (10.6.8) to run XBMC and I powered up the other day and I couldn't connect to the qnap's (TS-659 Pro II with FW: 4.1.0) NFS shares that have been working for 2 years, this is a single port setup.

When I go to verify the connections in OS X it says the NFS server appears to be functional, The NFS server responded and appears to be functioning.
I use the ro,resvport ...
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Unix file permissions headache rwx


when copying files to a Turbo NAS share, the file permissions are not preserved but are always set to -rwx------ for every file. This gives me headaches.

I have a TS-269L (4.0.3) serving files through SAMBA to a MacBook (OSX 10.8.5). I mount the share on the MacBook using Finder. Finder automagically displays the NAS in the sidebar, I click on it, enter my credentials and select the share I want to use. The ...
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How to drag-drop files to QNAP?

Hi, when I open Finder on my Mac Air, I can drag-drop files from QNAP to the Mac -- but not from the Mac to the QNAP. I assumed from the promotional literature for the NAS that I could drag-drop files.

Can anyone help? I assumed it must be something in my System Preferences, but I've tried everything and nothing seems to work.

Version: QNAP TS-420
Firmware: 4.1.0 (20140612)
Operating System: OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 ...
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Automatic mount shares

Hi, I've followed these guidelines: How to automatically mount shares in Mac

but whenever I login I've the shared folders opened in Finder:

I've also setup to "Hide" those two shares.

Does exist the chance to mount in hidden form ?

Thanks, regards.
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AFP (netatalk) - CNID data still stored in MYSHARE/.AppleDB


When a shared folder is accessed via AFP, a .AppleDB folder is created at the root of the share to store the CNID database. However, from versions 3.x of netatalk, and with actual configuration, I think it should not.

- Netatalk is in version 3.0.5 (QNAP firmware up-to-date 4.1.0) (current netatalk version : 3.1.6)
- CNID backend is DBD
- dbpath for all shared folders are : /var/netatalk/CNID//.@cnid/SHAREDFOLDERNAME (default location)

What do you think ...
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