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Questions about using NAS on Mac OS.

AFP extremely slow when mounting the shares?


I just upgraded from 4.0.2 to 4.0.7 and it takes ages for my Mac to "mount"/"be able to see the list of shares" of the NAS. Anybody experiencing the same?

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TS212 Error on Mac

We have a TS-212 with firmware version 4.0.2 and recently we have been getting an error on all the Macs saying "Something is wrong with the volume's CNID DB. Using a temporary CNID DB instead. Check server messages for details". I have checked the logs on the server and I don't see any errors.
Does anyone know how to fix this? Not positive this is the correct forum but I thought I'd give it ...
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Mavericks Timemachine problems

As many of you know there is a big problem with the qnap timemacine and osx 10.9. I have a TS-569L and firmware 4.03. I tried the 4.10 beta with the same problem.
I already contacted the helpdesk in the Netherlands, unfortunately they can't help. Wait for the official 4.10 release, it will come at the end of march they answered. We are in April and still no new official firmware.

I bought this NAS ...
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Qsync and FQDN

hi @all! (especially Qnap engineers)

I use Qsync for my employees to sync the files on their laptops.
Our Qnap Box has a static internal ip and is reachable via https (incl. payed certificate) from external with a fixed external ip (NAT port 443).
the DNS is configured to resolve the nas ip internal and external with the same name.
intern: -> dns: nas.domain.tld
extern: x.x.x.x -> dns: nas.domain.tld
this works perfect. ...
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QSync crash when providing explicit non-default port

QSync crashes at "Qsync setup" when a specific port is provided together with the NAS host name in the "Address" field:

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Terminal log:
Code: Select all
Assertion failed: ((hostName != nil) == (hostAddress == nil)), function -[SimplePing initWithHostName:address:], file /Users/tpeqnap/Desktop/Qsync/QNFileSystemManager/QNFileSystemManager/QNFileSystemManager/SimplePing.m, line 132.
Abort trap: 6

Nevertheless, it properly finishes the setup when provided with the IP address (WAN IP, not LAN):

Code: Select all

After the setup has finished, the reported host name ("NAS Address") is correct ...
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Sporadic network share drops with AFP and SMB

I am running QTS 4.0.5 and connecting to multiple Macs running OS X Mavericks 10.9.2.

I have both SMB and AFP enabled on my QNAP 421.

I find that neither of these connection options are reliable, and I get sporadic drops of the network share on a number of the machines.

I am hopeful that QTS 4.1 will resolve some of these issues, although I don't know if the problem is at QNAP's end or ...
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Can someone explain this?

I am trying to connect to my Qnap TS459 with Finder using Mavericks. I have AFP, SMB, and NFS turned on in the NAS. The NAS shows up as XXX(AFP), XXX(SMB), XXX(TimeMachine), and just XXX. Occasionally I can connect to XXX but AFP and SMB will not connect. It just shows up as "connection failed" with a "connect as" button below. Clicking on "connect as" does nothing, there is no response. I can connect to ...
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Cannot connect via AFP with Finder

I cannot connect to the NAS with AFP in finder. Time Machine does not work either. I get the following:

The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again. (See attachment).

I can connect via SMB. But is very erratic.

Any suggestions?
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Maybe I am getting old.....

All I want to do is backup my photos, music and docs. I was planning to use the qsync for that or possibly the backup station. So far I have had zero luck getting either to work.

I have been trying for a few hours now and I am quite frustrated. I have been monkeying with this for hours and reading tutorials and clearly I am missing something.

1. I am able to login and ...
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Incorrect compatibility error with Qsync


I get an incorrect error message when trying to login on my NAS (TS-212p) with Qsync (on Mac OS X 10.9.2). The message says: "The Qsync client is not compatible with the firmware of the NAS. Please upgrade the NAS firmware to version 4.0 or above." However, I do have the latest (4.0.5 (20140117)) firmware installed, which Qsync recognises when he shows the NAS in the setup screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would ...
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