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Questions about using NAS on Mac OS.

TimeMachine gone

Since the update my Qnap TS-659 Pro + (latest firmware 4.1.1), the Time Machine is gone.

There is no menu item which would allow me to turn Time Machine on or off.
The folder from earlier backups are still on the hard drive (Qnap)
I have already manually reinstalled the firmware. In vain!

Does anyone have the same problem?
Does anyone have a solution?

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Strange viewing issue

I have a strange issue with a clients TS-879U-RP which is in a mostly Apple Mac environment and configured with AFP enabled. Sometimes computers are seeing blank or no shares when saving files. If they look at the share in Finder then the folders are appearing. You can see the issue in the screenshot below. Has anyone seen this issue? Thanks

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Hide non-AFP shares from Apple network browsers


I have enabled AFP, SMB and NFS network services, and disabled FTP. I also limited Bonjour to AFP in "Service Discovery". However the "SMB/CIFS" share (without an identifying network protocol appended to the name) is still visible in Mac network browsers from 10.4x-ppc to 10.75, and an FTP share is visible on the old macs, leading to confusion among our mostly non-technical users.

Is it possible to prevent Macs from seeing non-AFP shares, or ...
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How are a folder getting marked 'hidden' using AFP

Hello all,

I've got a QNAP TS-879 in a mixed environment. FW is 3.8.3.

Last week a user called and said the ScansFromBrother folder was missing. This is a folder that our Brother AIO scans to for the whole office.

Looked in Web File Manager. Folder is there.
Looked in share from WIndows box (so SMB): Folder is there.
Looked from Mac using SMB: FOlder is there.
Looked from Mac using AFP: Folder is missing. ...
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Aperture Library on QNAP

Hi, macwilli.
It quite old post, but still relevant.
I would to ask about your solution:
When you mount library from dmg file - where it stores.? It seems it still stored in NAS. And it can cause worse performance, then I save library on internal disk isn't it?
Or I missed something and mounted images stored locally on a mac during work? In that case - how it syncs? when you unmount image that ...
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Cannot connect via AFP anymore

A while back I suddenly noticed that I was not able to connect to my NAS (QNAP T419P) using AFP, even though AFP is activated on the NAS. I have Mac OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks). I'm also not able to browse the default folders on the NAS (Public, QWeb, QMultimedia etc.) from Finder, only my own created folders, even though permission is correctly set on the NAS.

My NAS has FW v. 4.0.2.

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QNAP TS-469 NAS MS Office lock files

When two users open the same file on a share folder they both can edit it at the same time rather than one use being told that the file is in use or at least being told the file is read only.

I have firmware 4.1.1 , the users are on Macintoshes using AFP.

Any ideas? It use to work on the previous file share which was a Mac OS 10 server.
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FTP access on TS-221

Dear all,
yesterday I have migrated my qnap TS-119 Hardware to an TS-221. All user files have been migrated, everything looks fine, but today I recognised, that I have no FTP access anymore.
I checked all the entries, and dyndns is activated and working, FTP is also turned on, but with cyberduck or any other FTP client on WIN 7 and WIN 8 as well as iPhone I have no access.

I am using the ...
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Copying image files fails with "item is in use"

I am using my QNAP TS-219 as a FileServer for backing up my digital photos, but ever since I switched from PC to Mac it has been almost impossible. Every time I copy images to a share on my QNAP the operation will only copy a few and then stop with the error: "The operation can’t be completed because the item “DSC_XXXX.JPG” is in use."

After the error, the copy operation is rolled back, and ...
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read/write speed is stuck at 1.2mb

NAS TS-210, v.4.1.1
I have Yosemite 10.1, but the same issue was with Mavericks
Apple Express connection shown as 300mbit (small room), connected to 1gigabit switch which is connected through ethernet to Qnap
Internet Speed 56Mbit down/11Mbit up

However, whenever i connect to my NAS the read and write speeds are no more than 1.2MB/s. Even when i do i can see speed 5 times more (just to rule out WiFi connection).

What can ...
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