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Questions about using NAS on Mac OS.

QNAP, Mac and Chronsync : Best Practices

Hi All

My idea in starting this thread is to gather some general feedback and make it easily findable for people using a QNAP and Mac that happen to sync their files using Chronosync to their QNAP. Chronosync is a tool made by Econ Technologies: I personally work direclty with my Mac Pro on the QNAP, then sync the QNAP to my laptop(s) when I go out of ...
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The share doesn't exist

using TS-459 pro with mac running latest version of Yosemite. Now lost ability to use shared folders on the NAS.
When I click on the (AFP) named NAS in the Finder it instantly shows me the shared folders. When I try to connect the dialog box greys out and I get the rotating 'circle of lines' until eventually I get a message saying the share doesn't exist on the server.
I've reset the NAS, ...
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TS-469U AFP Missing folder in share

Good morning,

I'm currently experiencing a problem. Using QNAP TS-469U as a NAS on several Apple computers (Yosemite and lion mostly) certain folders disappear while using AFP.

I'm able to access these folders by connecting through SMB. I've already tried to show hidden folders in mac but they aren't shown BUT through the terminal i'm able to view them. I can also access these folders by browsing through QNAP file browser and FTP aswell.

My ...
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AFP type attributes supported when using RSYNC

Hi All

This thread is basically about file sharing, even though it is motivated by an issue I noticed using RSYNC. So, I filed it here. If needed and people complain, I can move the thread to the Backup section, but I feel it belongs here.

So, the background is that I am just finishing transferring my data from a TS-459 Pro (OS 3.8.2) to a TS-470 Pro (OS 4.0.7). I am working in an ...
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Can not remove directories because some files are in use

When I first view files in a directory and then try to remove the directory containing the file I (pre)viewed I get the message that it is not possible since the file is in use. Is there a way to avoid this behavior? This behavior also occurs if I rename a file before I try to delete the surrounding folder afterwards.

I use a QNAP 469L and a MacMini OSX 10.9.x
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QSync for Small Business Use (app freezes constantly)

I've setup a TS-470pro in a small office setting (about 15 users) to use Qsync as a Dropbox/Copy replacement program.

The business has several off site contractors and two separate offices (Nashville, TN and Washington D.C.) They experienced a # of issues with both Dropbox and Copy and also needed much more storage. Having used a Qnap system in my home and it working perfectly for my, I suggested this same set up for said ...
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User access to QSYNC users... DANGER?

Hi there...

Here's something I discovered today while installing a new MAC MINI... Have I got this right.?

1 NAS with 4 users
1 Mac mini with two of those 4 users.

Both users have set up QSYNC in their respective logins, the QSYNC folder is created and the files pulled down from the server. All good... BUT. When a user uses Finder and looks through the HD to USERS folder, the QSYNC folder is ...
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QNAP and Entirely Mac Office

Hello all,

I attempted to search for this answer from within the forums as well as on the internet but I have yet to find a concise answer.

We have an office where we have been using an Xserve for the past 8 years. Initially, we bought the QNAP so that we could back up the Xserve to it. Now we're starting to see the Xserve doing some odd things and we've wisely decided to ...
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Grayed Out Folders

After copying a bunch of music from a HDD to my TVS-871, a large number of folders are grayed out.

What does this mean / what's the best way to resolve it?

The size of the folder is the same on the NAS as it is on the HDD.

Mac Mini (Late 2012) Running 2.6 GHz i7, 16GB Ram, System 10.10.2.
QNAP TVS-871, 16GB Ram, 8 X Seagate ST6000NM0024 6TB Drives, Raid 10 w/2HS
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openLDAP question

Can i have the NAS serve as LDAP server with users and homes directories for OS X users?

can someone explain me how to achieve this?

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