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Questions about using NAS on Mac OS.

Preferred File Sharing Setup: TVS-X71 + OS X Yosemite

OS: Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 (14D136)
Device: TVS-471
FW: 4.1.3 (20150408)
Single Ethernet setup
Accessing from 2 Macs as a non-admin user, user trying to read/write to their own home directory.. nothing too fancy.

I got the NAS a little over 2 weeks ago. Trying to understand what the best approach is..
AFP - I initially used AFP, but read Yosemite does better with SMB as AFP is being deprecated. Further I read SMB3 ...
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Error -50 when moving files from one AFP share to another

with all of my macs (mbp 10.8.5, mac mini 10.7.5, mac mini 10.6.8 the old server that should move to my qnap 651) I have the same problem - it is impossible to move files from share another I always get the unknown error occured (-50) message.
Anyone an idea what's the rason for this - as all macs have different os I think the reason is some faulty config on the NAS. As ...
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QSync for OS 10.6.8?

I'm (finally) experimenting with QSync, and it seems to be working fine with my Wintel 8.1 and Mac OS 10.10, but I cannot locate a version that will run on Mac OS 10.6.8. Can someone please point me to the appropriate url?
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TS-231 Slow iTunes SMB Performance

I've got a TS-231 setup as a JBOD, plugged into a GigE switch. Trying to use the iTunes 'consolidate library' function to move my content from local drives to the NAS. Machine is cabled as well - so should be gig-e everywhere. Connecting via SMB, have oplocks on, and up to SMB3 enabled.

It's taking 8 hours/TB to copy the file - at that rate, I've got two more days to get the library moved ...
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Qsync on steroids

Hi there,

I've been trying to use Qsync to move heavy raw video files between post-production film houses. Being a bit creative here ;-)

We have now a 200Mb/s Internet link between the locations. A typical transfer will vary from 100MB to 500GB, and from 1 to hundreds of files.

The Qnap is in one of the location, the local transfer seemed to happen at a decent ...
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The operation can’t be completed because the item is in use

*Solved* =)

I wanted to create a post to show people what I did to fix this particular problem as I had searched google for a couple of days and found nothing that helped me.

Hardware I am is using TS - 459 Pro + with 4x Western Digital Drives in raid 5 total of around 1.5TB, Several different macs from Mac Pros to Imac's and one windows pc all connected to the NAS via ...
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QNAP, Mac and Chronsync : Best Practices

Hi All

My idea in starting this thread is to gather some general feedback and make it easily findable for people using a QNAP and Mac that happen to sync their files using Chronosync to their QNAP. Chronosync is a tool made by Econ Technologies: I personally work direclty with my Mac Pro on the QNAP, then sync the QNAP to my laptop(s) when I go out of ...
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The share doesn't exist

using TS-459 pro with mac running latest version of Yosemite. Now lost ability to use shared folders on the NAS.
When I click on the (AFP) named NAS in the Finder it instantly shows me the shared folders. When I try to connect the dialog box greys out and I get the rotating 'circle of lines' until eventually I get a message saying the share doesn't exist on the server.
I've reset the NAS, ...
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TS-469U AFP Missing folder in share

Good morning,

I'm currently experiencing a problem. Using QNAP TS-469U as a NAS on several Apple computers (Yosemite and lion mostly) certain folders disappear while using AFP.

I'm able to access these folders by connecting through SMB. I've already tried to show hidden folders in mac but they aren't shown BUT through the terminal i'm able to view them. I can also access these folders by browsing through QNAP file browser and FTP aswell.

My ...
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AFP type attributes supported when using RSYNC

Hi All

This thread is basically about file sharing, even though it is motivated by an issue I noticed using RSYNC. So, I filed it here. If needed and people complain, I can move the thread to the Backup section, but I feel it belongs here.

So, the background is that I am just finishing transferring my data from a TS-459 Pro (OS 3.8.2) to a TS-470 Pro (OS 4.0.7). I am working in an ...
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