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Questions about using NAS on Mac OS.

Aperture and iPhoto.

How to transfer my entire Aperture Library and iPhoto library to QNAP and save names of all folders?
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Yosemite and NAS setup


Can anyone you please be so kind to help me.

I have a billion 7800DXL modem and a seagate 1TB drive connected to it (various other drives have been used with the same problem).

I can access the drive from a windows base system and add and remove folders from the drive. The informations from the windows system indicate that the space availability is 956 GB ( a new disk).

The main purpose of ...
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QSYNC is deleting files from local randomly

QSYNC is deleting files from local randomly. It is only newly created files only. They are on the QNAP tho, but I cannot use the restore function as shown in the screenshot. Also I have my network recycle bin enabled and it does work either.

I have TS-269L with firmware version 4.1.1 2014/11/01

See attached, Please help!!!
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TS-420 How many sub folders ?

Hi all..

I know the TS-420 has a limit on folder creation, but how deep ?

I'm preparing to store all my music on NAS, which are all iTunes-organized, so like 500+ songs. yet folders may be slightly less due to same artist etc..

i'm just wanting to know if i'll have issues half way through the copying process. Nothing worst than a error after 30 Gig.
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QSync on Mac not downloading file

Hi all,

after crash reconfigured QSync with the same Folder and Account information on my Mac (Yosemity / 10.10). After all QSync only downloads the folders but not the files! I can't find any information if that works like designed or if this is an error.

I would expect, that QSync should download folders AND files...

ADD: This does only apply to the current Mac Version With the Client on Windows 7 everything is ...
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AFP - folders only visible for a second


I have a TS419 with firmware (4.1.2 29/12/2014). AFP and Win/SMB services are both enabled.

The Mac users are having an issue with folder disappearing and also flashing up for a second and disappearing. Users with PC's are able to see all the folders and their content. The folders have all been created using a Mac so it is NOT a situation where a PC user has created a folder that a Mac user ...
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you don't have permission to rename the item (Yosemite0

Hi there

I have several QNAPS, and I'm accessing them mainly via Macs (running OSX 10.10.2 Yosemite)
Since a couple of weeks I get this error when I want to change a directoryname on my server:


I'm logged into my Mac with admin rights, and same goes for the the QNAP.

I have several customers also reporting this error, also accessing QNAP units and from Macs running OSX Yosimite, (running ...
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Mac Files Hidden for Users

I've done some searching through this forum and haven't found anything directly relating to my question so if this has been addressed before, I'll just have to blame my weak search-fu.

1. Any OSX
2. TS-569 Pro
3. 4.1.1 Build 20141101
4. Port Trunking: Balance-tlb

So basically it boils down to the pesky Mac files. Mac users will upload to the NAS and more often than not, when I go to look there's duplicate ._file ...
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MAC - share does not exist error


I have a TS419 NAS with the latest firmware (4.1.2 29/12/2014) installed and out of nowhere, users are getting errors about not being able to connect to the server and "The share does not exist. Please check the name and try again." I have not problems connecting to the NAS via the admin console and viewing files though the File Station. External backup to a USB drive works perfectly.

There are no errors in ...
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Time Machine: Multiple machines disturb each other


I have a QNAP TS-219 running Version 4.12 (newest). I have two Macs:

  • Mac mini
  • MacBook Air

Both run Yosemite 10.10.2. Both do a Time Machine backup to QNAP which works fine, as long as only ONE machine uses the TMBackup share, no matter which one. As soon as the other did a backup, both complain with the error message, that it has to recreate the whole backup (sorry, I am not at ...
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