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the performance of TS-109 and TS-109 II

hi guys, I am the rookie of NAS.

I am looking for a NAS for my blog, and TS-109 or TS-109 II may meet my expectation.

However, the main difference between I and II is memory size, I has 128mb and II has 256mb.

So what I would like to ask is the maximum connections from web users for I and II...

Does anyone know it .. ? thx in advance .. ...
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[TUTORIAL] How to use dynamic domains on Qnas

How to create your own dynamic domain on Qnas
How to Set up DDNS.

Many people wonder how to create your own domain on the Qnap webserver.
The tutorial from Forum here is broken:
I made a new one, and here is one tutorial for "How I did it".

Maybe this will help you on the run.
Please follow the tutorial step by step to make your server visible on the internet. ...
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I would like to use PHP 5 and some standaard libraries that belongs to that.

I am reading on the forum but I can't find a answer on my problem.

How can I add the PDO_mysql to my NAS 201 Pro Server?

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Awstats on TS-639, works like a charm

Weehee, it works, very nice with the new Perl package!
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[HELP] Corrupt files in Qweb folder

I use an application called jalbum to generate my web albums. Once the album is generated it ends up in a folder on my local PC. When I access the folder and double click the intex.htm file it works as expected. HOwever, when I have FTP'd the album to my Qweb share on my TS-201 some files get corrupt. Some of the thumbnails or the downsized photos will not show up.
I have tried ...
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[HELP] How to get joomla to load from internet? (solved)

I have installed joomla, and created my home page. The webserver is activated, port opened in router and my domainname routed to the nas. (I have succesfully set up, and used the ftp server earlier, so its not the port forwarding thats the problem.)
Anyway, when I write my domainname, (http://xxxxxxxx.xx ) I just get to this side:
I have searched the forumsites, seen the howto's, but I ...
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403 Forbidden

I have a TS-109 II Pro.
I enabled the web server and clicked http://myip:80 to view the site and I get this message
You don't have permission to access /indexnas.cgi on this server.

Apache/1.3.37 Server at myip Port 80

I'm not sure what to do.
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Tracking file downloads / download stats?

Hi all,

I'vve hosted a few bits of my music (MP3s) on my TS-209 web server and want to keep a track of how many times they've been read / downloaded, anyone got any suggestions of the easiest way to do this?

Thanks in advance!
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Subdirectory 403 error

Pulling my hair out on this one, and extensive searching isn't helping.

I've followed the instructions on Apache, and all is well on my T109. I can see the webserver, both from inside and outside the network, and I don't have the trailing / problem.

But... when I create a new subdirectory I get a 403 forbidden error. I can see, for example, the Joomla directory just fine, and I've copied it's chmod/chown/chgrp settings but ...
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[TUTORIAL]How to use WinSCP on Qnas


Many people have problems with editing files and folders inside the Qnas.
If you want to do this in a easy way its possible to use WinSCP
The is almost the the same as using the windows browser, and notepad to do the editing.
It is also useful if you have problems with the permission with your files and folders.

Please visit my Tutorial for How to move files fast between shares on Qnap. ...
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