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[TS-409 pro] Cannot connect to subdirectory in Qweb folder

Hi All,

I mainly want to use the webserver on the Qnap to easily share files & photo's, so i took the following steps to achieve that:

- Enabled webserver on QNAP
- On the router i Forwarded port 80 to the QNAP's IP adresss
- I've created a /tmp directory in the Qweb directory to store the files i want share

When i try to connect to the webserver via ...
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[HOWTO] Administer MySQL from the command line & remotely

Although I have made reference to the admin/root accounts in the examples below, this is for convenience purposes since the accounts already exist in QNAP / MySQL. It is advisable that you create separate accounts (employing the security model of 'least privilege') for greater security.

Administering MySQL from the QNAP Command Line
1. Install PuTTY on your administration machine ensuring that "Allow SSH connection Port" is enabled on your QNAP (under "Remote Login").
2. ...
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QNAP SQL webserver

Hi. I'm a PC support guy with a small consulting business. I work alot with condo's and have installed about 4 TS-209 II units this last few months. I'm using them as file servers (instead of Windows servers) for these small offices (less than 12 PCs) with great success.

Now I'd like to expand the functionality of the QNAP and start using them as SQL servers to access owner databases or maintenance databases. I've never ...
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How to add "php_zip enabled"


I need to add php_zip extension in php (php_zip.dll in Windows-based servers).
How I can add it?
If it's possible, give step-by-step instruction, please.

Thanks in advance.
TS-109 PRO Version 2.1.2 build 1114T
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Pls help with VI on Putty

Summary: I can't get the Escape key to work when I connect via Putty.

Details: I am trying to edit apache.conf file using vi. I have Putty, which can connect only using SSH, as over Telnet the window just closes.

So I connect over Putty/SSH and navigate to the folder I want and start vi filename. I press "a" and enter add mode. BUT I can never exit to command mode! I tried pressing Escape ...
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We need cURL for PHP

Image Good description of cURL for PHP can be found HERE and HERE.

The free, cURL PHP extension seems to be an essential one for CMS programs that need to perform live query of payment gateways, such as the majority of Open Source e-commerce packages. Examples are Zen-Cart, Magento, etc.

I am not skilled on installing cURL, however reading about it, I don't think that it is terribly difficult thing to do, for Linux qualified ...
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[HELP] Problem with OWFS

I've installed ipkg platform and some packages (gcc, perl ecc) all seems work fine.
Now I trying to install OWFS ( but I have a problem:

# ./configure
Configuring owfs-2.7p12
checking build system type... armv5tejl-unknown-linux-gnueabi
checking host system type... armv5tejl-unknown-linux-gnueabi
checking target system type... armv5tejl-unknown-linux-gnueabi
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p... src/scripts/install/install-sh -c -d ...
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[TS-509] how to update php version

How to update php ???
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Difficulty Accessing my Hosted Webpage TS-209Pro

I have a webpage hosted on my QNAP TS-209 which is used as a blog to update family and friends with stories, pictures etc... However, some people cannot access the webpage. Initially, I thought it was random as to who could and could not see the webpage. However, I have finally narrowed it down. We live in a 11 story tower on a USAF Base in South Korea. Everyone can access the webpage except those ...
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[Help] Apache does not support Filecaching?

I develop a Website with lots of Javascript/Ajax functions and so the source files went very big.
I thought that this is not so much a problem, because the JS Files normaly were cached by the browser. But they won't.
This is not a browser preferences issue.
I am not a big server expert, but I figured out that the Apache Modules
mod_expires and mod_headers
are not available as apache modules in the TS-109.
I ...
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