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which gallery to use?

what is the best gallery i can use for pictures of 6mb+ in size... it is ofcourse for running on my TS209 PRO II
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How to make Apache case INSENSITIVE

I have moved my wordpress install over from a windows server and am having a lot of problems with the internal links due to apache/*nix being case sensitive. I have found some instructions on the web on how to make Apache case-insensitive but they don't quite match up with what I'm seeing in the files on the qnap.

Can anyone please help?
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[HOWTO] Setup multiple domains / hosts on webserver

As there have been a lot of questions on this, and it's silly to keep referring to an old article, I'll sum it up in this HOWTO.

This quick howto requires that you understand how to set up a DNS server to point to your system, and your router to forward the ports to the QNAP. It also assumes you know how to use putty.exe to access the SSH interface on the NAS and the ...
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Running multiple Wordpress Installs With Virtual Host

I'm having a little bit of trouble getting this to work. I have read countless number of post and tried everything in them but still no good. When I add the virtual host config for the domain/ share/ folder in the Apache conf it works (kind of), but just garbles the index page for the wordpress site. It also kills phpadmin and any other sites I try to access. it looks like it displays the ...
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Error when installing Gallery2

when doing the system check during the Gallery2 install I get the following error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 93 bytes) in /share/HDA_DATA/Qweb/gallery2/modules/core/classes/GalleryUtilities.class on line 1260

i have plenty of HD space and system status says there is 126MB ram free so i am not too sure where to go next...

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Problem with SMTP server!

I have install vBulletin on my Qnap server. (TS-209 PRO II)
And port 25 is open into rutter.
But i cant use SMTP server to send any mail!
I try in vBulletin forum and find problem is connect to SMTP server! And problem is from QNAP.
I try to search here but dont find any stoff!

How can i active / use SMTP server?
and configuere that correctly in vBulletin Admin panel?

for vBulletin ...
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Help! Huge amount of bandwidth wasted

Since I'm using TS 109 Pro, I have no idea what's going on inside. But I can see from my router's log that, some people are trying to make new connection every few seconds. And their downloads never end.
Are they using some sort of software that wast your bandwith?

My site is just a few static html with some huge files. How do I prevent people from wasting my server's bandwidth?
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What is PHPMount?
PHPMount is a set of webpages that will scan a selected directory (even in sub-dirs if you tellit to) that resides on the QNap and displays all files that are mountable via the mount command on the QNap. You then have the choise of mounting the file or unmounting the file (if mounted ofcourse).

Will it do more then just mount/unmount?
Yes. It will also create a symlink to the mounted file ...
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ipkg Apache Install

Hi all,

I've just purchased my very own TS-219 and its awesome!

The last few days I've been trying to setup Trac/SVN so that I can use it as a store for some of my hobby projects. So far I've managed to get mod_fastcgi, python2.5, svn and trac all installed and running using the existing Apache service that comes with the firmware.

I now want to switch to using mod_wsgi for apache <-> trac integration ...
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How to disappear logo on frontpage?

How to disappear web page logo on frontpage?

I can disappear /appear Surevillance Station's logo on front page, how to make web page disappear on the frontpage?
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