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Port 80 routes to 8080 on 2.1.7 TS-239


<sorry for the crosspost, but I just realized this specific question is better at home here>

The Web Service seems to route port 80 to 8080, so the pages in the web folder are ignored completely. (System Port Management is still set to 8080). Router port forwarding is set properly.

Is there a specific configuration I am missing?

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[HOWTO] Can't see files or folders starting with a period

I've enabled the web server on my TS-439 PRO as I want to use it as a local test server NOT accessible to the public. I put an .htaccess file in \qweb which has: -
Code: Select all
# stop outside getting in!
order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from 192.168.0

And that seems to do the job (let me know if it doesn't!).

Anyway, the problem is that in applications like Dreamweaver, after setting up the local ...
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Cron job doesn't get started


I've got a question regarding cron. I have read through the Forums, saw some similar questions but no clear solution. I am using my QNAP219 to run a php script that fetches some files from the internet and puts them on my Satellite receiver.

I've edited the crontab and enhanced it with the following entry:

Code: Select all
45 * * * * /opt/bin/php /share/Qweb/getTopfield.php

It then ran the command to make the changes stick:
Code: Select all
crontab /etc/config/crontab
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[HELP]Problem with Webserver

I'm having problems with my Webserver

When i connect to it through WAN it will work fine for a day or 2 but then i'll get a "Page Load Error" without changing any settings

I can still connect to the webserver through LAN on the same port and it works fine..

the traffic routing is fine on my router as i can connect to my QNAP administration using port :8080

any ideas?

Im using: V ...
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[HOWTO] Make automatic backup of ALL MySQL databases V3.4


Version 3 is here, as per request, it now handles daily, weekly and monthly archives.

I've constructed a script that will do a backup of all the databases in the MySQL, a thing which is not natively implemented in the firmware, so with a crash or a bad firmware update you risk loosing your databases.

    * Each database will be backed up to a seperate file
    * Every day the ...
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Where is MYSQL and MYSQL Dump Paths ?


I am trying to use this wordpress WP-DBManager plugin to perform some database backups. Unfortunately i have run across a hurdle as i am unsure about setting up the MYSQL Dump and MYSQL paths .... any ideas ?

Checking Backup Status
Checking Backup Folder (/share/MD0_DATA/Qweb/wp-content/backup-db) ...
Backup folder exists
Backup folder is writable

Checking MYSQL Dump Path ...
MYSQL dump path does NOT exist. Please check your mysqldump path under DB Options. If uncertain, ...
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Hello ;

I'm using QNAP TS-109 , PhP Admin was working fine.
Someone Deleted all users ,so we can't enter again on PHPAdmin.
We tried to reinstall the Firmware to have the default username and password . Now we can not open the PHPAdmin "The page can not be displayed"
what should we do ?

Thanks in advance.
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[closed] mourning for MySQL Database .....

I no more can get access to MySql database
even after reintializing it with the NAS menu (firm v3)
"Database Maintenance
You can reset the database password or re-initialize the database."

When i try to create a simple new database (with phpMyAdmin Version: 3.1.3)
i got the following message:

db_create.php: Missing parameter: new_db (FAQ 2.8 )

FAQ 2.8 I get "Missing parameters" errors, what can I do?
Here are a few points to ...
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[HOWTO] Beaf up security on Apache with customized.conf

Hi There

As everybody probably want to get as good a security as possible, I'll just give a short example of the most commonly recommended methods.

Looking at apache's homepage, there are a few good hints on what to do.


First of you need to make your own config, so that you can quickly disable / enable your own security if something all of the sudden fails.

Connect to the QNAP with ...
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Before when I had firmware version 2.1.4 it created a folder in the Qweb directory for phpMyAdmin and that was all fine..

Then when i installed 3.x.x my config file wouldn't load from the phpMyAdmin folder..

Am I right after looking through the forums that I need to install the phpMyAdmin with the QPKG addon?

Just making sure before I go ahead with the installation.

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