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minimum internet speed

what is the minimum internet speed for upload.. if i want to make my qnap as web current internet upload speed is it enough for people to look at my website.. or its too slow...what the ideal upload speed...or the best solution for e business to take web hosting from third party...
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QPKG problems


i think i am not in the right Forum but i can find a forum for this problem

i have 2 Qnap

1 TS209 works really fine
1TS109 there is the problem if i go to qpkg i get this error

Sorry, QPKG information is not available.

To install QPKG, go to "System Update" and click "Browse…" to select the QPKG file. Then click "Update System".

all qnaps works with the last firmware not ...
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PHP problems with images on 439pro


i had to learn some things about php (especially file extensions :-( )

PHP is working in principle on the 439

Nevertheless, now i have written the subsequent simple script (the file background.jpg is also in the root dir of the webserver).

The script works on the 409 pro with FW Version 2.1.3 build 1217T, but it does not display an image on the 439 pro ...
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eye OS installation on TS-209

Hello guys,

I would like to install eyeOS on my TS-209. (

Installation fails with several error-messages.

Anyone who has succesfully installed this software, who could provide me with som advice?

Best regards,

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Calling MySQL gurus - how to increase memory usage

Hopefully there are some MySQL gurus out there that can answer this question.

I run MySQL on a TS-509 and some day on a TS-639 as a backup. Both systems have 1gb of memory with the ability to add even more (yes I know it will void the waranty). From looking at the my.cnf file it seems that MySQL is optimized to run on a system with a lot less memory. I currently use MySQL ...
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[Problem] with PHP version (I think)

Hi there,

I encounter some difficulties with an extension of Joomla! 1.5.9 I use with PhocaGallery 2.1.0 to manage photo albums. The different sites were created, tested with Wampserver XP and work perfectly.

When I bought the TS-509 Pro, the firmware was 2.0.3 Build 081111. I followed the updates to the latest version.
I remember having created albums before the latest updates without problems.

Now, impossible to create new albums. The function of thumbnail creation ...
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I'm a newbie with PHP but everything I've been practicing with has been making use of mysqli() where appropriate. I'd been hoping that I could put my development onto my QNAP to tinker with rather than doing it on my live site.

I'm having real problems with any files that use mysqli() however. I'd assumed this was because the QNAP wasn't running PHP5, but I've just updated to the latest firmware (3.00?) which I ...
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Access Qmultimedia from Qweb

Is there as easy way of accessing picture files in my website in Qweb that are located in Qmultimedia?
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[Problem] Swisscenter and images -> load_image_from_file


i have a problem with Swisscenter nearly everything is up and running. Nevertheless, no images or thumbs are displayed.

The log file says, that there is a problem with th function 'load_image_from_file'

[2009.02.26 20:08:43] /Qmultimedia/2003/Wasserburg 2003_2004/2004_01_06/125_2594.JPG
[2009.02.26 20:08:43] Found Photo : 125_2593.JPG
[2009.02.26 20:08:43] Found EXIF data : Yes
[2009.02.26 20:08:43] Found IPTC data : Yes
[2009.02.26 20:08:43] Found XMP data : No
[2009.02.26 20:08:43] Adding Photo : 125_2593.JPG
[2009.02.26 20:08:43] ERROR: Image failed ...
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[HELP] Install PDO MySQL on QNAP 509

Can anybody help me with installation pdo_mysql on our QNAP 509-Pro. What I need is a step by step guide cause I'm not a linux master? I would be very grateful for any help?
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