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cannot install Joomla

I am trying to install Joomla. I have enabled MySQL server, TCP/IP networking and the web server and restored its php.ini Maintenance.

When I click on the link http://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:80/Joomla/ I get the message HTTP 404 NOT FOUND. I have tried this in IE7 and Firefox with and without the firewall but no luck

Can you help?

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[TUTORIAL] How to config your webserver first time


Many people are looking for how to start using a Webserver.
Here is the way I did it. Maybe you can use this step by step instruction.
You must Use static IP address on your Qnap.
I use as an example in this instruction.
You have to use one static IPadress in your iprange.
Before you open your Qnas for webusers, it`s strenghtly recommended to change all password on your Qnas.
My own ...
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Im baffled with apache-

Hello and thanks in advance for help. TS 509 Latest Firmware
Web server enabled, when I hit my ip some how it gets turned into this :
then I get the following error:
Not Found
The requested URL /indexnas.cgi was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.6 (Unix) PHP/5.2.8 Server at Bohemoth Port 80

Now if I hit that url and add index.html it works fine? So ...
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[HOWTO] How to reach two different Qnas from Web


I just bought me one more Qnap 109 Pro II only for fun.
But now I wonder about one thing. Is it possible to reach the new Qnas to from internet.
I have only one IP adress, and for me i think it`s not possible.
This IPadress is already in use for my first Qnas
But maybe someone now any trix to do this.
I am thinking about to have to diffrent dyndns adresses. ...
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[HELP]php extension

Hi I'm using the ipkg version of php.
although ipkg has other modules it doesn't seem to have and it also doesn't seem to be installed in the default ipkg installation of php.

I want it to install Cacti which seems to need it. I notice someone else has installed cacti so presumably it possible to get it.

any ideas on where I can get this, or anyone have a link on how to ...
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[HELP] tale of 2 perls & & chroot

I'm trying to use (well routers2 is)

I installed it via ipkg
It works fine in chroot using the chrooted version of perl
outside chroot I get a undefined symbol: PL_sv_undef which reseach has told me I'm trying to run a single threaded app under a multi threaded perl. so although both my perls are 5.8.8 they seem incompatable with each other.
the chroot one I got via ipkg, I'm not sure where the ...
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BCMath on TS-109 II


Can you please help. I have a TS-109 II but the bcmath function is not working. It looks like it is set as it is in the php.ini

Model - TS 109 II
Firmware - 2.1.0 Build 0624T

Can you please help. I tried filling in the support form on the QNAP website but no responce on that.

Any help is appreciated.


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mysqli imap phpcalendar


I'd like to run Group-Office on my QNAP TS 109. The main requirements should be covered throug qnap firmware TS-109 II Version 2.1.2 build 1114T. When i run a requirement test-script, i have now some additional features to enable. I'm newbie on Qnap and do not know, how to configure or recompile f.ex. php.

Here is the result of the test script:

Group-Office test script
Magic quotes setting : Warning: magic_quotes_gpc is enabled. You ...
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Joomla at root and not /Joomla

Hello everyone,

I am new to QNAP and I just got Joomla installed in my TS-209, so far so good.

How do I configure the box to use the Joomla folder as the root. I would not want people to have to enter they should only have to enter This must be simple change but I am not a php, linux ...
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[TS-409 pro] Cannot connect to subdirectory in Qweb folder

Hi All,

I mainly want to use the webserver on the Qnap to easily share files & photo's, so i took the following steps to achieve that:

- Enabled webserver on QNAP
- On the router i Forwarded port 80 to the QNAP's IP adresss
- I've created a /tmp directory in the Qweb directory to store the files i want share

When i try to connect to the webserver via ...
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