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My server blocks the reading of url/websites

My server blocks the reading of url/websites

I have a loop that check out alot of url/websites with this call:

$html = join( "", file( $url ) );

It work fine with the firt loop, but suddenly after a while it seems to blok the call, and it can to read url´s anymore. It just shows a blank site.

After about 1 hour it work again.

I tryed the script on my computer server and ...
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[HowTo]Socket Server


has anyone had any luck putting a Socket Server on your machine with PHP? I'm using the TS-509 Pro. If you haven't done one with PHP do you have any suggestions? I'm setting it up to receive data from a GPRS modem and inserting information into a MySQL database.
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As much of anybody I need iconv for certain of my web sites which on my TS109 Pro.
I have just found a solution.

It is necessary in your program to redefine this function by adding this piece of code simply

Code: Select all
   function iconv($from, $to, $string)
      $converted = htmlentities($string, ENT_NOQUOTES, $from);
      $converted = html_entity_decode($converted, ENT_NOQUOTES, $to);
      return $converted;

For example, to install and use Dotclear, edit file preprend.php ...
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[HELP] iconv on 109

I want to run the new Gallery 3 ( on my TS-109 II, but it needs iconv and that is not enabled in php, even with 3.0 firmware.

Can someone tell me how to get iconv to work? Alternatively explain how I can get apache to use the ipkg version of php, that AFAIK has iconv enabled.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.
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[SOLVED] VHosts no longer work

Ok so I started having problems accessing my sites today and then they all failed.

I restarted the server and now I am getting 500 Internal Server Error (with .htaccess) or 403 Forbidden (without .htaccess) messages. Also if I go to index.php, it shows the code and doesn't run the code.

I've gone over all the tutorials again but no luck. The only site that works for me have .html files.

Any ideas?
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errormessage at joomla after firmwareupgrade


in this terrible moment I have to ask for help. :shock:
It would be a disaster if my installed software/moduls are incompatible.

I've installed a Joomla (with docman) on my TS-109 (with firmware 2.1.2). worked.

After update to the firmware 3.1.0 build 0708:
QNAP administration GUI works good. No mistakes of the update. :!:
I can still reach ...
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[SOLVED] How do I delete the Joomla folder?

I don't want to use Joomla (**) so is there a way of deleting it from the server?
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[QUESTION] How to redirect http to https


How do I redirect all http traffic automaticly to https? On a TS-439 (3.1.0 b627). I reconfigured stunnel.conf, changed 443 to 445. And edited /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/apache/apache.conf with the following code:
Code: Select all
LoadModule ssl_module modules/
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond  %{HTTPS}  ^off$
RewriteCond  %{HTTP_HOST} (.*)
RewriteRule  ^(.*)/? https://%1/$1 [L,R]
Include /etc/config/apache/extra/httpd-ssl.conf

Uploaded server.crt en server.key in /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/apache.
Stopped and started the service. But all I get is an error (no connection) page ...
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Do i have a securityproblem after firmware 3.0?

Hi there,

it might be totaly wrong but please correct me:

After i installed firmware 3.0 and i did check the accesscontrol everything did show up as usual.
i only give access to my TS209 for some special IP (LAN & Internet-IP).

With the old firmware everybody (even if NOT in allowed-access-list) could see my website.
After firmware 3.0 nobody but the guys who are in access-list can see my homepage ...
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Mail Doesn't Work


Just taken delivery and setup a TS239. Very impressed with it except I cannot get the mail function to work. I can see others have had problems, and I've searched this forum and tried the suggestions but still cannot get it to work. The TS239 does send me administration notification messages and test messages ok.
The following is the php file i use. It works fine on Windows and also on my Unix hosting ...
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