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wikimedia don't work

I have some difficulty when installing mediaWiki.
My database is empty, but still it sees a database "wikidb already exists" when installing.
Yes, i did try it before and there was a database with the name "wikidb". But i deleted that with phpmyadmin.
Or is there something else wrong. See my report below.
I see also not have LocalSettings.php in the config, which should be made during install.
Who can help me.
PHP 5.2.8 installed ...
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Can i change the the login Webpage ?


is it possible to change the the Loginwebsite, where i login to the
Adminpanel ( etc.
So it isnt so obvious that a 509 is on the end ;) becouse i got the box on the internet.
I wont to put my own design there, is it posible ?



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Apache stopped listening to port 80

Hi there

I experienced a strange behavior on my QNAP TS-209 II:

I quickly set the web server up over the web interface and it worked fine.
I could also access Joomla and myPhpAdmin over the respecitve URLs, although I didn't configure them
( and

Then, I could not access the web server anymore.
I checked the admin interface and the webserver ...
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[HELP] Using https on TS-119

Hi All, this is my first post here, after i recently purcased a TS-119.

I have been running into a issue/problem, that i was hoping i culd get some advices on.
there looks like its a few posts about the problem on the forum but no answers to the problem.
I really don't like the ide that the points to the TS's interface.
so i was looking into ...
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Apache Character set: How to change?

i have some apps running on my ts109, like kplaylist, opendb etc. with these apps i have problems displaying german characters like "ä", "ß" and so on (the german "Umlaute"). My Sql DB is running with utf8. how can ic configure apache to display the characters correct? i think this is a apache problem.
I´m using the latest stable Firmware.
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PSQL 10 on the QNAP 209 II ?

Hi everyone ,

Doe anyone know wether it is possible to install Pervasive SQL 10 onto the QNAP 209II ? or does anyone have any ideas about how one would go about it ?
I need it installed as my payroll and ** programnes for my small business need it.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated .

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TS-101 > SQLite > Frontend App/Dev?


Bit of a noob question...

All I need is a shove in the right direction for this little project...

I need to create a small application that links into the SQLite db on the TS-101.
What IDE would I need to develop a sweet frontend app for network clients?

...or would there be more options if I installed mysql on the 101?

Any advice always appreciated 8) ...
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Increase Max File Size on TS-201

Hey Qnap'pers

Does anyone know where the apache config file is located on the TS201 to allow me to increase the max file size pliz? Ajaxplorer is running a treat but 2Mb is not so handy ;-)


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Problem with new ts-119


i got a new ts-119 and now i have a problem: after installing the firmware 2.13 and the final reboot a tried to access the admin interface with IP:8080 but i only got a page with the information "The requested URL '/redirect.html?count=0.6225046093293152' was not found on this server." i rebooted several times and installed a second time, but nothing changed. What is wrong? I dont know what I have to do. Please tell me ...
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(HELP) ajaXplorer upload limit

FAQ for ajaX says I need to edit my php.ini to increase the upload limit (currently 8mb). Firmware v3 doesn't let me do that (209 II pro).
This is really annoying (8mb is useless). Anyone know how I can get at my config file to make the necessary change?

Thank you.
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