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How to use phpSysInfo with 439pro ?

I would like to use the simple php page phpSysInfo on m NAS to quickly monitor disk and network ... sp=dynamic

Here you can see the page actually working but the disk doesn't appear :(

Also, network trafic seems to be wrong

Any idea ?
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[HELP] Web root oustide of Qweb - possible?

Hi all,

I'm trying to implement svn and want to know if it's possible to checkout a project into Qweb so that all updates are seen on the site. Currently, using svn with eclipse and the checkout fails. I assume this is because of permissions but may be wrong. Has anyone done this successfully?

If not, how would it be possible to see the committed files - could I store them elsewhere and access them ...
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[HELP] Need help with php.ini config

If I write a small index.php wich displays "page one with a link to index.php?page=2" and include a simple if-code to display "page two if ($page == 2)" then still "page one" is displayed.

Could this be a problem with the configuration of php.ini?

I haven't tested that specific index.php yet, but I could swear that the same index.php works fine on another apache server of mine..
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Apache is not working

Hi there

It happened several times now, that my website is suddenly not accessible anymore.
I restarted the webserver with:
Code: Select all
[~] # /etc/init.d/ restart

and checked the processes:
[~] # ps -aux | grep apache
26634 admin 7208 S /usr/local/apache/bin/apache
26635 guest 7248 S /usr/local/apache/bin/apache
26636 guest 7236 S /usr/local/apache/bin/apache
26637 guest 7236 S /usr/local/apache/bin/apache
26638 guest 7236 S /usr/local/apache/bin/apache
26639 guest 7236 S /usr/local/apache/bin/apache
26653 guest 7240 S /usr/local/apache/bin/apache
27033 admin 512 S grep ...
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[Solved:Help] Http-Server does not work properly

Hi everyone,

yesterday my HTTP-Server was running fine, then I accidently hit the delete key in Windows Explorer while the shared Qweb folder was "active". I have a backup of my data .. so no problem here. But that action causes the loss of all the hidden files (.*) on the server. My guess is, that those missing files inhibit the correct running of the server: if I try to reach the server via http ...
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modules for php?

I was wondering when the php inside my qnap 2.1.4 will get some more modules like ldap and gettext. i need them both for my addressbook management (phpldapadmin)
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[Question] How can I password-protected my website?

Is there an easy and effective means to protect my website please? I'd like to prompt users enter a password before they are allowed to visit my website. Thanks.
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Is it posibel to install torrentflux on a ts-509?

and if so, is it any guides for it?

//Mathias, Sweden
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[SOLVED] Installing MOODLE on TS-219

Hi all,

I've been ploughing through issues mainly to do with setting up multiple sites with VirtualHost.

Subsequently had problems with phpMyAdmin which I've now solved by adding:

Code: Select all
NameVirtualHost *:80

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "/share/Qweb"
ServerName *

into my customapache.conf file.

Anyway, I thought I was making good progress and began to install moodle.

I've done the installation for this a few times before but have encountered some new problems. All my previous installations ...
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own php script doesn't execute

i have the following php script<?php
function mount($file)
exec("mkdir /mnt/disk", $out1);
exec("mount -o loop \"$file\" /mnt/disk", $out2);
return $out1.'</br>'.$out2.'</br>'

function scan_directory_recursively($directory, $filter=FALSE)
// if the path has a slash at the end we remove it here
if(substr($directory,-1) == '/')
$directory = substr($directory,0,-1);

// if the path is not valid or is not a directory ...
if(!file_exists($directory) || !is_dir($directory))
// ... we return false and exit the function
return FALSE; ...
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