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Restricting access to Web Interface

Is it possible to restrict access to the QNAP web interface(either through the web interface itself as admin or through ssh)? I would like certain user(s) to not be able to access the web interface. These user(s) will need to be in the administrators group as I would like them to be able to set the IP address, but not be able to turn on/off and install applications.
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CHMOD 777 - Operation not permitted [SOLVED]

Hello everyone and thank god that there is a qnap forum like this!

I am writing this post as the last option I have to find a solution for my problem.
I have set up a Qnap TS-453S Pro for a company I work for. I have updated to the latest firmware available and the NAS' primary mission is to run their web sites/webshops so I have set up a web server with database and ...
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MySql datadir location

I'm using QNAP Model: TS-453 Pro. I activated my webserver and mysql database.

In my local desktop, I installed a WAMP. I wanna change the mysql directory to my QNAP. According to this How to change mysql database directory on wamp I need to find the datadir.

I can't locate the MySql file my.ini fine in QNAP. Can somebody point me to the right direction?

Thank you
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Change SSL Ciphers and Disable TLS v1.0

I have found several files which contain the information i am after:


Specifically, I want to change the cipher suites used (here is the original)-->

And I also want to disable support for TLSv.10 (here is the original)-->
SSLProtocol All -SSLv2 -SSLv3

I know what changes to make, but it seems after every file I edit, everything is reset upon reboot. I am only interested in the SSL configuration ...
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Can not create virtualhost


I have a Qnap TS-231 with a fresh install

I can not create virtualhost with the webserver panel.

I did :

1 - Activate virtualhost
2 - create virtualhost :
write a name
select the directory where my files are (I created the directory and copy my files earlier)
select https
write 443 as a port

After I have clicked on "Apply", the virtualhost does not appear in the list

What did I miss?
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SSL certificate

Please, can someone provide me with a detailed step by step instruction how to install a SSL certificate (including generating CSR, converting to X.509PEM etc.)? I have a GoDaddy certificate but I have no clue how to create a SCR. I am not a server guru, just basic knowledge of computers. Would really appreciate. Thank you
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Webserver hangs after firmware update

Hi there,

I have a TS420 and since the firmware update to 4.1.3 (20150217) the webserver hangs very frequently even telnet or ssh is not posible.
Qfinder 4.2.2. cant find the NAS and I need to reset the server (by power down/up) to make it accessible again.

The firtual host webpages are not affected.
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Webdav keeps prompting for credentials


2 days ago I setup Webdav on my TS-412, it seemed to work ok, but recent it had started repeatedly prompting for credentials even thought the credentials are correct. I have tried accessing Webdav using and also via the local NAS ip address, both without success. I have checked and confirmed the Webdav permissions are configured correctly on the shared folder.

Has anyone see this issue before and can provide some guidance?

Thanks, ...
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Secure phpmyadmin from wan


I am running wordpress and need to Close down access to phpmyadmin from outside office.

I have tried to add this to apache.conf and reboot but it does not work.

# +++
# Access limitation for phpMyAdmin
<Directory /phpMyAdmin>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from
# ---
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Unable to connect to webserver


I have the TS-469U with the last firmware 4.1.3
Yesterday I installed the Nas but i can't connect to web server locally, nor to the port 80, nor to the port 8081.

The address is, so doesnt work
with i see a blank page (page not avaible) and appear on the address bar: ... 5205706656
with ...
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