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Logitech Media Server app no longer started under 4.1.1

I've just upgraded to version 4.1.1 on a QNAP TS-210 and the Logitech Media Server which always used to start on boot-up no longer does. If I look in the 'App Centre' after the QNAP NAS has started up the LMS app is shown as 'on' but it isn't as my SB Touch cannot find it. If I switch the app off and then on again all is fixed. Does anyone know whether 4.1.1 has ...
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How to let google find me

hello Experts,

I use my qnap webserver for my webpage. It is online for a long period now, but still not able to find it in google.

I know i have to add keyword, as i did. But is the access blocked by Apache. I dont see any robots.txt file.


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myphpadmin keeps dissapearing

Looking for some help.

I auto shutdown my QNAP 212p every night. In the morning, my myphpadmin folder, sugarcrm and fengoffice web folders dissappear. However, they show up as installed application so if I turn them off and back on again they re-appear and all my data and everything comes back. Also, I need to restart because I can't access myphpadmin afterwards. So I restart then manually save changes on the mysql sever in control ...
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WEB Server link opens login page


After many failed attempts of getting WordPress to find the appropriate root, I gave up and finally did a hard reset of the server. Everything is back as it should however now the QNAP Web Server link takes me to a login screen for my sever in a new tab.

The only file in the Web directory is Index.php - the contents of which Ive included below.

Any help would be appreciated.


<?php ...
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Can't activate MySQL

Regarding to my post
I followed the solution
Code: Select all
mv /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update_pkg/mysql5.tgz /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update_pkg/mysql5.tgz.bak
After doing this, I can see the MySQL managing-options in system System Control.
But now I can not activate MySQL, getting always the message Changes are not saved.
I tried to do it in terminal:
Code: Select all
[/mnt/HDA_ROOT/update_pkg] # setcfg mysql Enable
[/mnt/HDA_ROOT/update_pkg] # getcfg mysql Enable

Same problem!

Has someone an idea?
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accidentally delete root username

I have run my mysql database for long time, but accidentally delete all root user, now the root user only have usage permission. how could I reset the permission of root user without losing any data in the database?

I have tried reset password in the qnap control panel, but it does not restore any of root user privilege.

I am using TS212P. Please help.
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webadress not reachable - Webserver is working

I have a problem with my webserver on QNAP 412. The server is working with typing in the browser: "".

But if i type: " "" and the browser shows: The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered: Invalid Request: DNS lookup failed. Some aspect of the HTTP Request is invalid.

What is wrong and what can i do.

It is the same at ...
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Any risk deleting .htaccess

Hi - Ive been having problems accessing my WEB server after some playing around with DRUPAL (see previous post). Long story short, I kep being denied access. I discovered the .htaccess file and since deleting it am able to log into the web server.

I dont have a web page or anything else set up (yet) and am assuming it is a file left over from the DRUPAL install.

Is there anything I shoudl be ...
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UDF Repository for MySQL

Is there a way to install the UDF repositories into the QNAP mysql ( I am especially interested in the PREG functions for mysql compiled with support for utf8 so that we can use unicode compatible regular expressions.
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Forbidden Access After Updating Drupal

Completely NOOB here and fear Ive obviously made a colossal mistake.

After many hours trying to get WordPress to work I gave up in preference for Drupal.

phpMyAdmin installed Ok and I successfully created a database.

Drupal installed OK and I had a web page ready to create. Drupal indicated that there was a minor update that needed to be manualy installed. I extracted the files, deleted everything but the sites directory from the server, ...
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