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Squid won't completly uninstal, leaves proxy active.

I have just installed a new TS-269 Pro at a customer site as part of the install it did an OS upgrade to the latest and then asked to upgrade squid, sadly i let it do it.
As part of the upgrade to squid it turned it on.

It didn't work, it now captures all html traffic on the lan and redirects it to itself but doesn't proxy to the real internet, so everyone ...
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Slight speedup to web applications

Hi there,

I had previously found an issue with ownCloud responding very slowly. I noticed some users on their forum has said to change "localhost" to "" for the database hostname. I immediately tried this and for the most it has speeded up webpage access. I have also tried this in Wordpress, myPhpAdmin, Zenphoto, and MyLightningDetection Web site. All appear to be working fine and pages do load much quicker now.

just my 2 cents ...
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Webserver error

I have had my webserver set up for a while now but recently updated my Cisco E4200 Router Firmware and QNAP Software. Somewhere between these two updates the webserver is no longer available.

Prior to the Cisco Firmware Update QNAP did not recognize the router as UPnP. It is now recognized so I enabled the UPnP Port Forwarding under the MyQNAPCloud Auto Router Config setting.

The status of every server, under the forwarding services is ...
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SELECT INTO OUTFILE where is the file gone?

I run the SQL Query using workbench and it is said a file is created. But I cannot find the file.

However, my aim is to put output file "20140817.csv put under the website indside the folder tmp, i.e. /Web/Tmp/20140817.csv? so that I could get it via a http link from internet.

SELECT Ticker, ReleaseDT as 'Last Update', sum(amount) FROM table1
INTO OUTFILE '/tmp/20140817.csv'
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php + mysql beginner need your kind help

I have mysql database, due to my company has blocked 3306 port, my excel vba could not get and update the mysql server of my NAS. So I think of writing a webpage using php which interact with my mysql server and output the results in webpage format (say, html). May every kind person here could give me the full picture what shall I do next? I have done the following:
1. installed mysql server ...
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proper folder authorization of web server?

I could successfully access my web from the internet. But it seems that all the folders inside /Web/ is accessible by all outsider, as I created an access folder to put my Microsoft access database for testing, I could directly typed the file name in the URL to download it. What happen?
It seems that other than the root folder, the folder create shall not be accessible by web browser or outsider, right?
I used ...
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WebDav issue

I have serious difficulties making WebDav work on my QNAP TS-419P+ with firmware 4.1.0 build 20140612.
I followed the QNAP guide:
It is very simple, you have to enable WebDav on the Web Server and then then allow access for the WebDav service for users in the Shared Folder Access Permissions window.

I thought I was home free – what could go wrong…

When activating the Web Server a folder names “Web” appear. Inside ...
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Two instances of WordPress - should this work?


I have a WordPress installation provided by Qnap app center - it works fine here and is fit for my needs.

What I need is another, independent instance of WordPress, with independent db, config and everything else. What I did is I imported an export from my another WordPress site (made by Duplicator plugin) so in essence, I have imported the db and the whole WordPress folder (config, all files and folders).

I now ...
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LDAP Toolbox (LTB)

Has anyone successfully installed and used LDAP TooBox (LTB) Self Service Password (or a similar tool) on a QNAP NAS to provide end-users the ability to modify and manage their LDAP credentials? I have only used my TS-419P II as a basic file server, but even with just a few users, users tend to forget what their password is. That doesn't even mention the issue of not being able to change their passwords. I was ...
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MySql server

When I want to use the mysql server, I got the message: you need a new version of the software.
Pleas install from the app center.
But I can't find this in the app center.
I think for this reason the Notes app is also not working.

I have a TS212-P and firmare 4.1.0

Can somebody give me an advice.


Rob van ...
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