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Can't access web service…..

Suddenly I can't access any services on port 80 to qweb….

It has worked before, but now it won't - and, the web-server is enabled...

What have I done???
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no sync mobile apps with owncloud " X-Forwarded-For:" error

Hello there!
I got a problem, already searched the forum but did not get the right answer.... :roll:
From the update on version 7.x of onwcloud on the mobile apps are not longer able to sync with the owncloud server.
I run the owncloud installation on a QNAP- NAS 419P connected with a FritzBox router to the web. I can sync dates and addresses without any ...
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segmentation fault

I have following issue. During installation of lastest phpbb (and all another versions )from official source i get constantly error in moment of execution ... anguage=en script.

In error_log
Apache/2.2.27 (Unix) PHP/5.3.29 mod_ssl/2.2.27 OpenSSL/1.0.1i configured -- resuming normal operations
child pid 3795 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)
child pid ...
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i saw this app on the device and wanted to start using it, but when i launch it and try to login using my admin user i get "Sorry but there seems to be a problem in connecting to the database" error. why?

btw, why is this app so old on the qnap? there is a much newer version online.

thanks in advance.
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TS-451 - Cannot access web-based maintenance

I just got a TS-451 and began setting it up using the local web address https://192.168.x.x

I must have done something wrong, though, because now I cannot get into the system from a web browser; I get
The connection to 192.168.x.x was interrupted while the page was loading.
It looks a little like an internal firewall issue on the NAS. Is there such a thing on the TS-451? ...
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mysql password problem

just got a TS-253 and I am trying to add a new user to the mysql user table for a host that is the IP of my PC so I can use a windows program to access the mysql database. PHPadmin seems to add it OK but I cannot log into PHPmyadmin with the new user, only with the default root / admin. I can do it on my old ...
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Choosing the correct Certificate

Hi All,
I was looking for a bit of advise on securing my Nas with a certificate and choosing the correct certificate, let me explain ( I'm not very familiar with certificates) my situation. I have a NAS with a static public facing IP address, I have/own a domain ( lets call it for example, I have registered with Qnap for the Myqnapcloud service (with the same name) such that I can reach my ...
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Reset MySQL root Password

I've forgotten the root password for the MySQL on my TS-212 (I can still log in as admin). The MySQL website has some instructions on how to reset root, but it doesn't seem to work on my TS-212.

The instructions say to:
- use the kill command with the mysqld pid to stop the server.. I did that and confirmed that it was stopped with a 'ps | grep mysqld
- make a text file ...
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Via internal network, I cannot call my own website anymore..


I have a strange question, of which I do not know if this is a router, provider or NAS issue.

I have built my own website, stored on my NAS.
I have registered a domain, which redirect the websurfer towards: external IP adres/ ... my website folder... / index.html

This was working, both from inside my house and outside my ...
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TS-251 Web-/ Database Server?

Hi Community,
sorry for a question that should be easily resolved searching the interweb... but I could not get a definitive answer :(

I wanted to buy a TS 269 L. My main application would be a very small MySQL database with web frontend. The software specs on the QNAP site confirm this functionality.

Now I was told the TS 269 L is discontinued, followed up by ...
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