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Blogging software???

I was interested in trying to do a little blogging and notice that WordPress is no longer in the Content Management list of applications?

Is there a reason for this or should I be using a different blogging software than WordPress?

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publish a webservice

Hi there,

I am very new to QNAP and this forum. Currently I am thinking about a possibility to create a self made web Service and publish it to QNAP. My QNAP is running all the days and could act as an access point for my self-made home automation project. Therefore I would like to create a web service that is able to access my internal ressources via TCP. The web service should be acessible ...
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I have a very almost unusable web interface -

Firmware Most current.
Using Single LAN Connection with Static Address
RAID-5 4X 2TB Disks

There is average Disk / CPU / LAN usage there is not saturation I can see

I have rebooted the system, this has made no effect. When I am using LAN 1+2 with a static address my network transfer rate is slower, that I think is due to the crappy ...
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Mediawiki problems


I tried to install the newest Mediawiki 1.24.1 on my TS-451 with the firmware 4.1.1 but the installation routine on the browser don´t start. No page is opened!

Then I tried the version 1.23.6. The installation works and the Mediawiki starts. Then I upload some pictures and about 10 uploaded files the apache hangs. Restart of the QNAP don´t help. The page of the Mediawiki is not opened anymore. Only a complete new installation ...
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How to setup a password protected website within QNAP TS-870

Hello everyone,

Can we setup a password protected website within a TS-870 virtual web server???
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safe website with simple html

Is it possible to run a website with only html, without any CMS or PHP, and would it be safe?

My aim is to make some sort of blog with photo's and text, without any fancy 'special effects'.
Wordpress is very slow on my QNAP-412 and Joomla is totally unuseable. And both are a bit of a superabundance for my purpose. Therefore I want a simple HTML website, like in the old days.
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How to connect my Mediatemple domain name to NAS web server?

Hi sorry I'm new to all of this.
I have a domain name registered on, When someone types my domain name into their browser, I would like it to point to the web server on my NAS.
The web server is already enabled on my NAS, I created an index.html page that I can see when typing into the address bar when on my network.
How do ...
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No WebDAV for users but PUBLIC yes!

Hi All,

I've done a search here on the forums but still not been able to solve a mystery....

I don't have many users on my NAS but the ones that are on my NAS are not able to use WebDAV login using the follwing address:

A box pops up asking for username and password etc but they are refused. If I log in as admin its also ...
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Multiple apache_proxy and apache_proxys

Tried the QNAP Gmail backup app, without success. It would go to around 10%, freeze for a while and then start over from 0% again and again.
After I removed the app, I noticed that memory usage was nearly double of what it used to be. Process list in the resource monitor show more than a dozen apache_proxy and several apache_proxys processes, that were not there before. Tried reinstalling/removing gmail app, and restarting apache, without ...
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Certificate pinning for Q{file|manager|music}?

Maybe this should be an RFE, I'm not sure. Is there any support for certificate pinning for the Android / iOS applications as a defense against MITM attacks?
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