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Website Case Sensativity

I just purchased a 870pro and im having a problem hosting my websites. I need to turn off case sensitivity and cant find the or checkcaseonly. The issue I am having, I have a website with a bunch of pictures. Each subject has a sub folder with the name and then in each subfolder the index.html file. The issue is, if you go to\example it wont load. ...
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Log location for MySQL

Since I lately experienced a lot of trouble with accessing MySQL I discovered could not find the MySQL log files. I created a new folder mysql in /var/log/ and modified my.cnf with the following lines:

Logging works perfectly after this adjustment until the NAS is rebooted. In that case the folder /var/log/mysql/ is systematicaly deleted and as a result, the MySQL process cannot be started. How can I prevent that ...
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How to password protect web sub site

I am an experienced IT-guy but have no experience with Linux :(

I have a TS-869 Pro and have configured a bunch of web subsites (virtual hosts).
I need to password protect some of them.

I have searched for this some days and have the following quiestions:

- I this possible with standard QNAP (web interface) tools? If so how?
- If not:
-- is .htaccess ...
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to a run a python script that requires "" and which is not available on my QNAP. Is there any chance I can add this module to MySQL? And if so, how should I do that?

cheers, Klaas
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BIND Nameserver configuration

Hi all,

I tried around 1 month to set up the QNAP as a DNS and mail server. However I still cannot create the record successfully.
There is my configuration.
Please tell me why I cannot create the record sucessfully.
Thank you.

# Goes in /opt/etc/named/named.conf

acl "home" {;; };

options {
directory "/opt/etc/named";
dump-file "/opt/named/data/cache_dump.db";
statistics-file "/opt/named/data/named_stats.txt";
pid-file "/opt/run/named/";
allow-query { "home"; };
allow-recursion {;;

controls { ...
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Migrate wordpress apache to nginx qpkg webserver ?


Need help to migrate my wordpress that is running on the default apache to the nginx qpkg webserver which you can download here

in my configuration i use forkless' phpmyadmin (mariadb version) with andy's mariadb qpkg.

so all that remains, how the heck do i begin moving my wordpress site to the nginx webserver ? :?

i have zero ...
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apache modules files dissapear (!) from the system

I have two Qnaps: 809 PRO and 879 PRO as you know the operating system's are different a little.
While no problem at all with 809 PRO a 879 PRO makes me crazy.

Hi, can please some explain how its possible to reach following case:

1. thanks to your help i successfully edid php.ini and put there a line

zend_extension = /mnt/ext/opt/apache/modules/ioncube/

2. then i put there: /mnt/ext/opt/apache/modules/ioncube a file

3. please note everything ...
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How to reduce CPU load of mysqld process

My English is not good and I am amateur of mysql.

CPU load of mysqld process always exceed 90%.
I do not remember when the high load was started.
I killed the mysqld process with command. But at the same time, current status of media library was reset.(Photo:0 Music:0 VIdeo:0)
So, I do not want to kill the process because I am utilizing the media library.

Could you give me advice how to reduce the ...
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I´m having trouble acessing phpmyadmin. I can access it in localhost ( localhost/phpmyadmin) but i cant acess it from outside (nasip:port/phpmyadmin) or even (nasip/phpmyadmin) is there any configuration i need to make to get acess from outside??? Please help
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Signed SSL Key Working... Mostly

Good evening,

I have finally got my QNAP NAS server setup and want to start exploring all of the awesome services I can run. The issue I am having is that the main interface loads assets in the display that are from an http:// connection to the QNAP server. This creates warnings that "parts of the page are being delivered over an insecure connection."

Is there a way to force these assets to come over ...
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