can't find qnap t439 with the qnap finder

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can't find qnap t439 with the qnap finder

Postby aldwin » Sun May 22, 2011 10:17 pm


A few days a go i gave my t439 with the qnap finder a static ip adres.
Then i tried to login via but this didn't work.
And now ik can't find the t439 anymore with the qnap finder.
I connected the t439 directly with a network cable to my computer but this didn't either
I also rebooted the t439 but still no connection
Please help.

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Re: can't find qnap t439 with the qnap finder

Postby Moogle Stiltzkin » Sun May 22, 2011 10:36 pm

well we don't have enough info to begin to diagnose your issue.

Whats your network look like ? What are you using your QNAP for ?

Take some time and use Gliffy

to layout your network in a diagram. Then take a screenshot and paste into paint and save as a jpeg. Then upload to a free image hosting online and post the link here.

Then we can understand better why it doesn't work.

PS: why would you set a static IP on the QNAP ??? Why not set it on your router ??? You should have the router assign the DHCP. The router can set connected devices with a fixed lan ip. So there is no need to set a fix lan ip on the qnap itself seeing as the router does it for you.

The qnap network settings should then be set to accept DHCP from the router.

You can then try http://your QNAP LAN IP:8080 (or whatever port you set admin port to be)

If that doesn't work, and qnap finder didn't work, then you did some wrong configuration :?
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