Network and Virtual Switch - Don't touch

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Network and Virtual Switch - Don't touch

Post by spikemixture » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:45 pm

This my opinion from my experience !

If you are not a network or Qnap guru do not play/tune your network and virtual switches.

I have tried to "tune" mine multiple times over the last 6 months of Qnap ownership.

I have tried 1,2,3,4 connections (Trunked and un-trunked) on their own and running all - plus I have a 10GBE card linked directly to my main PC.
I have tried 1,2 and 3 Virtual Switches. Multiple Ip address's and single Ip address and Jumbo Frames, set and default gateways and more.

For example the trunking of 2 adapters I would get regular errors saying connection lost.
Just today I decided to delete Trunking to fix the problem.
This time I could not get back in to my NAS after deleting the Trunking ( and I had 3 ip address's for 3 adapters)
I full reboot got me back in.

I am saying virtually (:lol:) everytime I try changing anything it goes wrong with reboots or resets quite common and the only way back to sanity.

MY warning is don't go past the default settings!
If you do be prepared for grief (and a little panic)!
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I give my opinion from my experience!

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Re: Network and Virtual Switch - Don't touch

Post by QNAPDanielFL » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:27 am

I understand that network and virtual switch can be complicated. But we just had a webinar on it that I think makes it easier to understand and use. It is also layed out in a much more clear way in the overview with QTS 4.3.5 ... FzwoybhXKs

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Re: Network and Virtual Switch - Don't touch

Post by camm80 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:14 pm

I’ll check out the video and hope I learn something new but truthfully 4.3.5 has been a nightmare for me. I have 8-10 docker containers running and had a few with their own network adapters. Ever since upgrading I have experienced the following:

- lost DNS settings
- has to delete all network adaptors and recreate
- eventually did a reset on network settings
- have a new management interface that is filling up my unifi connection logs with random Mac addresses
- had to reconfigure all docker containers to pass DNS to them
- ended up removing trunking to see if something with it was causing 100’s of rogue Mac addresses to fill my unifi client list
- reboot to find the UI lost all settings to display and disconnects my adapters

It seriously has been bad and I would roll back but it warns straight away in the update notes that it is not supported. If the thing reboots it scares me.

I’m already now looking at devices to offload docker too and just use this as a NAS even though that ability was the whole reason I bought this NAS. I think the qnet drivers just no longer work well.

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