TS-653B often extremely slow (1500 kB/s) or disconnected

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TS-653B often extremely slow (1500 kB/s) or disconnected

Post by tomiisek » Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:20 am

I've got TS-653B with six 14 TB disks full of data. It is connected to router with 2x1GB LAN cables and one 1GB LAN cable is connected to OLED TV and one 1GB LAN cable is connected to my laptop. It happens quite often that connection between laptop/TV and TS-653B is very poor - TV can't play videos and laptop can't work with TS-653B properly - just to rename a file on TS-653B from my laptop can take up to 1 minute and file transfer speed falls from 70000 kB/s under 1500 kB/s. Sometimes TS-653B completely disconnects from laptop/TV but internet connection in laptop/TV is still quick so LAN connection works well the only problem is bad or no connection to NAS.

Sometimes it helps to restart TS-653B but not always.

What can help me to fix or minimize these problems?

Should I buy better router? Which one? NAS is my absolute priority so I need a router which can work perfectly with TS-653B and with one more NAS (I need to buy the second NAS or at least an expansion unit quite soon).

Should I expand memory from 4GB DDR3 to 16GB DDR3?

Should I do anything else?

Thank you very much for your suggestions I am really frustrated.

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