TS-869 Pro - Red Light over Disk 2 - DRIVE FAILURE?

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TS-869 Pro - Red Light over Disk 2 - DRIVE FAILURE?

Post by buztan99 » Sat Jun 19, 2021 10:40 am

I have at TS-869 Pro. This morning I wasn't able to see my mapped drives. Upon looking at the TS, I noticed a RED light over disk bay two, and the unit appears to be semi-shut down. The yellow lights flicker & it says the TS is booted up if I press the button next to the info screen. I can long-press the power button to shut down. Yet when I boot it up it always enters the same state as listed above, with the red lite over drive bay 2. And I cannot log into the Turbo Station website to see if maybe the drive is bad. It is configured with 5 drives using Raid-6. There is one spare configured.

How do I confirm that it is in fact a drive failure? And if it is, how do I go about swapping the bad with the spare in bay 8 since cannot log into the TS website?

Thanks for any help

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