best place for qts system installation

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best place for qts system installation

Post by Flotsch123 » Tue Sep 14, 2021 11:37 pm


i wonder where to install qts. Situation is as follows:
TVS-872X has 2 onboard nvme gen2x3 slots. I also have the qm2-2p-344 card (gen3x4). 2 1tb nvme and 2 500gb nvme ssd`s are here too.
On my old NAS (TVS-872N, who has the same specifications),i had the 1tb nvmes on the onboard m.2 slots, had a 100gb qts volume and a 900gb iscsi lun on it. The qm2 card had the 500gb nvme ssd`s for caching. both was `set up as raid 1.
I know wonder if it would be better to put the 1tb nvmes into the qm2 card and set up qts and iscsi lun there, and put the 500gb nvme ssd`s into the onbard m.2 slots and make caching there. What do you think?

i could also do the following:
use a QDA-A2MAR with 2 sata m.2 in bay 1 for qts only. this way, i would waste only one bay for qts and have qts seperatred from all the rest. i could also use a QDA-A2AR to put 2 2,5 ssd`s into bay 1 for qts. dont know if using m.2 sata ssd`s give me any advantage over normal ssd`s as both use sata protocol.

can you please tell me what is best choice?

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Re: best place for qts system installation

Post by QNAPDanielFL » Thu Sep 16, 2021 3:13 am

QuTS Hero will put the OS on the first pool you make so you can make an SSD pool for the OS + apps. The M.2 slots can be a good place for that on the TVS-872X when you run QuTS Hero.

If you run QTS, the OS is on all drives from all your storage pools on your NAS. And it runs from all those drives. So you can't choose an SSD pool for the OS. But you can make an SSD pool for apps, containers, and VMs.

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