NAS down after Firmware update TS-219P

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NAS down after Firmware update TS-219P

Post by 6grad » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:43 am

Hi all

Hope someone can give me some advise what I can do.
I installed the latest Firmware as prompted by the System. After the reboot the NAS Stück and is only flashing red/green. The HDD Led are off and only the network LED shows some activity. But the NAS is not online and can’t be found by the Qfinder.

I figured that the Firmware update failed and I tried the recovery as described in the Wiki. But I struggle to reset the NAS. It doesn’t respond to the Reset button. When I plugin the plug it boots up but only the LED is flashing red/green.

I’m out of ideas. Help is much appreciated..


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Re: NAS down after Firmware update TS-219P

Post by spikemixture » Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:02 am

I did the update last night also but on a TVS-1282.

Mine got stuck on checking bios memory ( or similar)
I have a LED screen.

After 15 minutes I just turned it off from the front button.

It came back :o and I now have the latest firmware and all is good
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