Limited to 1Gbps with 820.3ad

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Re: Limited to 1Gbps with 820.3ad

Post by storageman » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:01 pm

Sounds like LACP wrong somewhere.
Try basic trunking (Balance RR) not 802 (doesn't need switch to agree/be configured), should still give you 4GbE pipe.
Then push two copies from two different PCs to see if you can go over 1Gb/s.

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Re: Limited to 1Gbps with 820.3ad

Post by gggplaya » Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:39 am

ori10bis wrote:
Sun Aug 25, 2019 2:01 pm
I did not see a network dedicated forum here so I hope I can get my help here :)

So I purchased a brand new TS-873-8G, it has 4 1GB ports which I configured with port trunking and now I have a 4Gbps connection.

I connected all 4 Ethernet ports to a HP ProCurve 2900-24G switch and configured a trunk using LACP for the 4 ports, the trunk and LACP seems successful:

ProCurve Switch 2900-24G(config)# show trunk
Load Balancing

Port | Name Type | Group Type
---- + -------------------------------- --------- + ----- -----
21 | 100/1000T | Trk2 LACP
22 | 100/1000T | Trk2 LACP
23 | 100/1000T | Trk2 LACP
24 | 100/1000T | Trk2 LACP

ProCurve Switch 2900-24G(config)# show lacp

---- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
21 Active Trk2 Up Yes Success
22 Active Trk2 Up Yes Success
23 Active Trk2 Up Yes Success
24 Active Trk2 Up Yes Success

To test the speed I used 2 different computers which are connected to different ports on the same switch:

1. Individually if I transfer big files from each computer to the QNAP I receive full 1Gbps speed.

2. When I transfer big files from both computers to the QNAP at the same time I can see the load balancing work as each computer uses a different port in the configured trunk, however they share together a speed of 1Gbps as well and not getting 1Gbps each as I thought they would get. :(

My question is what is the limiting factor here? Does the ProCurve switch internal bus limited to 1Gbps?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
Is this for your home, or small business? It might be time to just upgrade your network switch to 10gbe, netgear has a cheap switch for $170 for two 10gbe connections with a built in 8 port switch, managed version is an extra $20: ... DER&sr=8-3

You'll then need a pcie qnap 10gbe multigigabit adapter to install in your NAS, $90: ... way&sr=8-2

Elminate all the headaches.

I own the MS510TX which has two 2.5gbe ports, two 5gbe ports, and one 10gbe copper port, and one 10gbe SFP port. Enough for my home. It's $270 for that switch: ... way&sr=8-1

I think if you want to get a CX4 adapter to SFP+, it ends up only being a 2.5gbe connection. But that's also possible depending on your needs.

QNAP also has USB 3.0 to 5Gbe adapters which I just purchased for my NAS and laptops. They're working great for only $80 each, now no computer in my house is lower than 5gbe or 2.5gbe. ... 213&sr=8-1

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