Qnap 251Plus , try to upgrade the HDDs

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Qnap 251Plus , try to upgrade the HDDs

Post by bruno.windisch » Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:49 am

before I bought the Qnap NAS I've used more than 5 years ago a NAS by Zycxel (NSA325 at least).
If Want to change or upgrade the drives , I move the drives to external devices ; copy all Data back to NAS and finish ... no problem at all.
Now the System Volume from my Qnap have a Bad Block error - must change the drive. I think - no problem at all ...

I've tried almost the same by qnap 251+ with 2x 4TB HDDs ; out from NAS , tried to read the Linux File System (exts/3 by UFS Explorer) , but the drive have no data....
I've checked the next HDD and look's like the same . Could be an issue by creating a Raid in Qnap, but using only a JBod. Btw : It's a simple 2 bay NAS , JBod would fine for me.
But a new config was saved by the New drive ; and the old systemdrive have right now a hardware error .

The status now is (all drives are JBod) :
The first drive DataVol1 have an error (Bad Block) ; the DataVol1_2 is status ready, but can't mount.
The second drive is unmounted and can't mount by Qnap Management.
right now, all data are in the harddrives ; but can't read out from Qnap NAS , because nothing is online and can't set online.....
I know, that the Qnap NAS is a liitle bit more complicated than Zyxcel (320 Euro to 80 Euro). But If I can't bring the harddrives online, all data will be lost !
Sounds not really good ;
Are there anybody there to help me to get the drives back to the Qnap NAS , so I am able to make first a fresh backup and than second make a new fresh setup with this NAS ?

And really, I've searched a while to get answer or by documentation help, but almost all documentations are discussed with different raid levels (Raid 1, Raid 5, and so an) , but I only using JBod drives, it's enough for me and I doesn't need by example Raid 5 (only 2 bays) or Raid 1 (mirroring).
using Qnap 251+ with 2x 4TB HDDs

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Re: Qnap 251Plus , try to upgrade the HDDs

Post by dolbyman » Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:58 am

non RAID is a dead end, if you ran RAID1 you could just swap the drives

single drives or spanning jbod, need rebuild and restore from backups

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Re: Qnap 251Plus , try to upgrade the HDDs

Post by Rhialto » Sat Sep 21, 2019 7:39 am

The main reason why I have a NAS is to RAID1 all our files with an external backup from time to time so if a HD have errors I can easily do a swap. If NAS crash completly, I still have my external backup.
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