incremental off-site backup

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incremental off-site backup

Postby elbee1972 » Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:22 am


I am planning to buy a ts-410 4bay entry-nas system for home to act as a media-server, and backup my laptops.
Also want to buy a ts-410 for my father in an other city, so i can backup things on his disk and he on mine.
So one bay for my disk (2tb), one for his (2tb), and two spare for other purposes.
Choose for qnap because of the reputation (solid), and open-source / linux architecture (tweakable), and maturaty (general features withou any tweaking at all).

My main fear is when somebody breaks in my house and steals my laptops and nas/disks, so i loose my data/photo's.
I would like to make backups of my laptops and photot-store to my nas, and my nas to back it up to the other site trough internet.
When the data is tempered with on my nas (deleted) it must not delete it on the other site. Encrypted on the other site would be nice. syncs/remote copy seems out of the box, but do they protect the remote copy/backup against deleting the source data?
quick recovery is not important to me, can take days, that's ok.

ideal situation is encrypted laptop/data, encrypted local incremental backups, and encrypted remote incremental backups.
so when one site is burgled, data is save on remote location, and data is not readable for strangers.
but at least encrypted incremental backup of all my NAS data (media store and backups) to other site.

Is ts-410 suitable for my whishes?
What kind of setup (hardware/software) could be usefull for me?


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Re: incremental off-site backup

Postby elbee1972 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:21 am

performance is not important for me.
But maybe processor architecture is, have read some packages (ipkg/qpkg) aren't for arm arch.
what packages are arm or x86 only? any packages i could/should use?

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