NVMe expansion options for TS-253D?

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NVMe expansion options for TS-253D?

Post by palmerac » Tue Feb 23, 2021 10:58 pm

Just purchased a TS-253D and would like to add the fastest available PCIe expansion card to accommodate a pair of NVMe drives.

According to the 'Compatibility List' on QNAP's website, the QM2-2P-384 expansion card is compatible with the TS-253D. This seems like the fastest available expansion card that will work with a TS-253D, but can someone confirm this?

I understand that each drive will only get 50% of the PCIe card's throughput, but I am wondering if a PCIe card in the T-253D can actually utilize 8 lanes of data? So, each NVMe drive will get 4 lanes? Or does the onboard Intel HD Graphics 600 processor use too many lanes, thereby reducing the number of lanes available to an expansion card?

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