replacing a TS-453 pro by a 8-bay ?

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replacing a TS-453 pro by a 8-bay ?

Post by macaron35 » Fri Jun 18, 2021 2:24 pm


I am new here and would neep your help for advices.
I currently own a TS-453 pro with 4 x 4 tb drives in RAID 5. it is 98% full and I wanted to consider the TR-004 extension but the performance is not very good.

I can either re-buy another 4-bay NAS or move to a 8-bay.
if so, what is the process ? (I have already check with the compatibility page that most of the 8-bay are compatible with my current NAS)

- So i understand well, i have to move my 4 drives in the new NAS in the same order to keep the data and the RAID 5

- should i add 4 new drives directly (bays 5 to 8) or only one by one and reboot every time ?

- once formated, is it easy to ask the NAS to reconfigure the RAID 5 from 4 to 8 drives ? (i guess the process is quite long considering that my 4 drives are already full ?)

- should i keep RAID5 or should i use RAID 6 instead ?

and finally, in terms of budget, i believe it would be more interesting to simply rebuy another 4-bay NAS. is there any advantage to own a 8-bay instead of 2 4-bay ?

thanks a lot for your help

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Re: replacing a TS-453 pro by a 8-bay ?

Post by dolbyman » Fri Jun 18, 2021 8:53 pm

you migrate from your old to the new nas (just the existing disks)

when the nas is up and running, you can add more disks into the raid (raid6 would be advised with 8 disks)..just follow the manual

don't forget your external backups

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