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TR-002 (pre sales) setup questions

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 5:00 am
by SJC51

I currently have a QNAP TS-251 NAS (8GB RAM - 2 x 6TB WD RED NAS drives) operating in RAID 1 configuration. I am interested in the TR-002 and would be using it in DAS configuration connected directly to my 2018 Mac mini using the USB C connection. The reason I am looking for a DAS option is because I want a USB C connected drive, I use Backblaze cloud backup (Home account) which doesn't allow for backing up from a NAS drive unless you buy into their business account which just isn't cost effective for a Home user, and I just want to have a DAS device for the MacMini in addition to the TS-251.

The drive I'm currently using as a source for the Backblaze backup is a Seagate 4TB portable USB 3.0 drive (in hind site not the best idea) and it is starting to fail. I want a more robust desktop drive option with more capacity and the ability to expand (or connect to the TS251 in the future if I so desire).

With the TR 002 I would be starting out with one 8TB Seagate Iron Wolf or WD Red NAS HDD.

*When using as a DAS with only one drive to start, I understand I can use the QNAP External RAID Manager software for Mac to do the setup and monitoring the status of the drive, but do I have to go through the same complicated type of setup as with the TS251 NAS - setting up users, groups, permissions, etc. (none of which I truly understand how to optimize for best security or performance) or is it more plug and play like any other non-RAID enabled external hard drive?

*Since I will be setup in JBOD mode can I add a second drive later without affecting the data on the initially installed drive?

*In DAS use, I'm assuming the TR-002 would shut down or hibernate when the MacMini gets shut down correct?

*Last question, specifications on the QNAP website mention in several different places that the USB C port is 3.2/Gen 2. Not that I trust everything I read in product reviews from shopping sites but several reviews have stated that the USB C connection is not 3.2/Gen 2. Can I get a confirmation on this specification please.

Thank you for your assistance.

Re: TR-002 (pre sales) setup questions

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:54 am
by QNAPDanielFL
TR-004 has only USB 3.0 5GbE. But TR-002 has 3.2Gen2 10Gb/s.

You don't need to set up users for a TR-002 in DAS mode.

But it is worth noting that this unit does not support raid expansion. If you have one drive and later add a second drive, you don't get a large volume. The second drive will be a different volume so then you will have 2 volumes on your TR-002.

Re: TR-002 (pre sales) setup questions

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:47 am
by SJC51
Thank you. The plan would be to use the TR-002 for DAS with two independent drives, or I may do a RAID setup with two drives from the beginning but still DAS mode connected directly to my MacMini. So to clarify, if I use to drives independently the two drives would show up separately in Finder on my MacMini correct? The TR-002 just seems like an affordable two bay enclosure with another main feature being the USB C connection to my new MacMini. Thanks again for answering my questions.

Re: TR-002 (pre sales) setup questions

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 8:47 am
by QNAPDanielFL
"if I use to drives independently the two drives would show up separately in Finder on my MacMini correct?"