Backing up of files on a TS-230

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Re: Backing up of files on a TS-230

Post by P3R » Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:46 pm

MikeyP wrote:
Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:05 am
I want it to monitor files on my desk top PC (Windows 10) and once the files are backed up, thereafter only back up those files that have been changed, modified or any new files.
Client backups are best configured as push backup jobs to a shared folder on the NAS, not as pull backups from the NAS.

It's possible to do what you ask about with any Qnap but it have negative consequences and typically isn't recommended.

Client backups are normally configured and managed in a client backup program. Qnap offer a Windows backup software but it is very limited and frankly most people avoid it once they have used it for a while.

There are many very competent Windows backup applications available and many are even offered in free variants. I have for many years used Syncback free.
RAID have never ever been a replacement for backups. Without backups on a different system (preferably placed at another site), you will eventually lose data!

A non-RAID configuration (including RAID 0, which isn't really RAID) with a backup on a separate media protects your data far better than any RAID-volume without backup.

All data storage consists of both the primary storage and the backups. It's your money and your data, spend the storage budget wisely or pay with your data!

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