How much better is the TS-673A over the TS-673?

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How much better is the TS-673A over the TS-673?

Post by jon96789 » Fri Apr 02, 2021 6:16 am

It's about time to upgrade my TS-453 Pro NAS... I am looking at the TS-673A but it has not been readily available for a while. How much better is the TS-673A over the TS-673? I only use the NAS as a multimedia DLNA server at home. I do not use transcoding or plan to use Plex nor is the server accessible outside my network. The TS-453 Pro uses an Intel Celeron J1900 CPU which has been adequate but there have been instances where the CPU bogs down when streaming and while transferring files to/from the NAS.

My primary question is how much better is the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1500B quad-core 2.2 GHz processor over the AMD RX-421ND 2.13 GHz CPU. I read that the V1500B is 3X more powerful than the Celeron on the TS-453 Pro. The AMD RX-421ND has four cores and the V1500B also has four cores but also supports multi-threading (eight). But the RX-421ND can be boosted to 3.4 GHz while V1500B does not offer any boosted speeds (i.e.stuck at 2.2 Ghz). Another factor is that the RX-421ND only has a single cache of 2MB and the V1500B has a dual cache of 2+4 MB. Finally, the V1500B uses half the power of the RX CPU.

So it boils down to whether i should wait for the TS-673A or just get the older TS-673 if the CPU performance is that much better on the TS-673A.

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Re: How much better is the TS-673A over the TS-673?

Post by QNAPDanielFL » Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:11 am

73A has Zen1 Architecture. 73 without the A is pre-zen.
going from pre-zen to zen is about a 50% IPC improvement.

Adding hyperthreading should help when running many apps or containers or just doing lots of things at once.
For tasks where Hyperthreading helps, I expect 73A to be almost 2 times as powerful as the 73 series.
For a task that do not benefit from Hyperthreading, I expect 73A to be about 50% better.

I understand 73 has turbo boost and 73A does not. But 73A has a very slightly higher base clock.
So I still think 73A CPU should be between about 50% better to about twice as good depending on the use case.

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