TS231 Nas to Nas or Rysnch Crashing Nas

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TS231 Nas to Nas or Rysnch Crashing Nas

Postby brendanb » Fri May 26, 2017 7:56 am


I have an ongoing issue when I try to do a Nas to Nas or a Rsync Backup to another QNAP Nas Device

The Nas in question is a TS231
Firmware date: 2017/05/16

2x drives 4TB in raid 1


I have setup a Nas to Nas Sync job which runs over a high speed link (NBN 30mbs)

When I execute the job, it runs for a while but then the Nas device from which I started the job crashes. When I mean crash, the web interface dissappears, I cannot connect via the QNAP Finder. The only option I have is the physically restart the NAS.

I have tested this also using the RSYNC option also, and the same behavior happens. The NAS locks up and the only way to recover is to restart.

Can any please advise on what next steps I can do


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Re: TS231 Nas to Nas or Rysnch Crashing Nas

Postby eolis » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:31 pm

When you start the RTRR job, check the CPU usage. When it is around %100 for a while, the QNap crashes. Deactivate the Media Library option, which is default open with the latest firmware. And that is responsible from excess CPU usage.

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