HBS rsync destination list; CLI to add jobs ?

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HBS rsync destination list; CLI to add jobs ?

Post by itteam » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:07 pm

I updated the source NAS from Backup Station to HBS
I updated the target NAS from Backup Station to HBS3

The pre-existing hourly jobs showed up in the HBS job list and they are working.
They had been configured using "NAS to NAS" in "backup station" and so they are RSynch jobs in HBS

All the jobs were one folder to one folder because Backup Station would not allow me to [Add] additional folder sets. HBS is indeed now allowing me to specify multiple folder sets in a job - at least for RRTR - but RSynch is broken altogether.

However RSynch will not list any destination folders for me - not in new jobs I attempt to add nor in existing (working) jobs I attempt to edit. I see "Connecting..." pop up for a second, but nothing lists in the dropdown. Tried Chrome, Firefox, IE. The Profile credentials work - the pre-existing jobs work as does the [Test] function on all screens where it appears. It is using user "admin". I tried disabling encryption - existing job works still but will not populate that destination dropdown. I tried setting a specific rsync login to use in target HBS3 on the source and using that, but it will not connect when used in Profile on source HBS. I ensured that the source NAS IP was not being blocked from the target NAS.

Is there a command line way to add new RSync jobs that HBS will recognize? Is there a plain text config file I can edit to add more jobs since I can't do it in the interface?
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