Making a new drive the "primary" drive in 2 drive TS-253D

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Making a new drive the "primary" drive in 2 drive TS-253D

Post by scdctiger » Tue Oct 12, 2021 11:55 pm

So I'm running a budget build on a TS-253D, capacity for 2 drives. For several months I only had the one drive in it with it's primary function being a media server and hopefully being able to run a few simple home automation functions in the future. So there's no raid, but I backed up the all files to an external drive that's smaller than what's in the qnap, but big enough to hold everything on it. I've since bought a new disk and slotted it into bay, specs below. I have not reconfigured any storage options since adding the new, larger disk, so it's recognized by the QNAP but not setup at all.

I finally got a new drive because the system was becoming unreachable occasionally, details below. However I have periodic access including right now and the last few times I've checked since installing the new drive. Qnap support after some back and forth told me the original drive was going bad, despite SMART data and write tests not showing anything wrong, and the drive being less than a year old. So I actually want to leave the original drive in there for the mid term as a backup but make sure the system is using the new drive for everything, and get all the files over there efficiently. I'll leave it as either a raid 1 setup or just keep it a completely different storage pool that uses HBS 3 to run periodic backups. This QNAP is here to feed me media via plex and possibly control some smart lights, it's not terribly sensitive stuff.

I've seen several instructions connecting the new drive via a dock and make a backup with it as external storage, presumably through Hybrid Backup Sync 3. Then unattach the old drive in the control panel and insert the new one, and recover it. I have an old USB 2.0 enclosure that should work but several terabytes of data over USB 2.0 will just take... awhile. I could also remove both drives and crack open my Win10 desktop to connect both drives simultaneously, but I've seen several posts that say it isn't as simple as cloning one drive to the other. Is there a way I can do this all from the web interface while keeping both drives in the QNAP? Or do I definitely need to remove one, or both, drives?

Model: TS-253D
firmware build: Build 20210910
Original disk: 12.73 TB WDC WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0 (SATA)
New disk: 14.55 TB TOSHIBA MG08ACA16TE (SATA)

Superlative failure details: A few weeks ago, after trying to mount the QNAP as a network drive for a win10 computer, it went completely unresponsive and I had to do a soft reset with the key on the back to reset the logins and gain access again. I don't know what gremlins could cause this to happen but that win10 instance had probably gone about a decade without being reset despite being cloned from one HDD to another, and having all the original hardware that was hooked up to updated, so I'm sure there was something wonky there. I couldn't get it to map the QNAP as a network drive at all and when I tried a new work around, my QNAP locked me out entirely. After using the reset button for a 3 second reset, I got incredibly slow access. Slowly over a few days the system actually started flopping between being completely fine, and giving me incredibly slow access i.e. seemed reachable by either the web interface or plex app, but after a few seconds of trying it would give up and tell me it was disconnected. As of writing it's currently completely accessible, all systems green. I'm wondering if somehow just inserting a second drive even though it's not configured may have somehow helped but I can't imagine why it would?

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