Reset resulted in a dead nas

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Reset resulted in a dead nas

Post by hobbs » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:10 am

Well probably not dead.. its lights are flickering..
But thats it.

Done a factory reset, was fine. Turned it off, replaced the system drive.

Done a 10 Second reset.

Nothing.. Lights look fine.. but I cant access it.

The guides are so vague on this process.

I just want the entire thing wiped and formatted.. but it never seems to do anything post beeps.

The ip loads nothing.. Just says unavailable. I know boot up takes some time, but this is beyond that.

Briefly I saw a maintenance message.. now nothing.. I can hear it doing stuff which is odd..

Maybe its still resetting.. I literally have no idea..

Have I done this wrong? I brought it without drives.. didnt happen like this last time..

I can see it on my router.. same IP as before..

Models as 251+

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