Slow Snapshot Download

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Slow Snapshot Download

Post by gunnerman » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:51 am

I wanted to restore or download the oldest snapshot on a volume of a TS-463. We wanted to move them to an external and cloud location for archival. The snapshot was taken nearly a year and a half ago were taken prior to major data restructuring so they are not a lot alike the working copy (about 50% deletes). The size of the snapshot data will be about 3TB.

I tried using the Qnap GUI utils to simply Restore To or Filestation copy to the cloud location directly but it was on the order of KB/s. Painfully slow. We have a dedicated 100 Mb/s fiber connection so it was not the network.

I figured it was something to do with the restore job created by the gui causing the slowness. Then I tried

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cp - a /mnt/snaphot/export/Unified-Snapshot/* /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/snapshot-restore/*
, thinking, just see what the speed to create a local copy looks like but it only runs at about 10 MB/s. Better than the GUI utils but still bad, especially since I will then need to copy to the cloud. I have restored snapshots before for drill purposes that ran fast enough but this has got me thinking...

Does anyone have any advice on getting these snapshots off the nas to a local network and/or cloud location as fast as possible?


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