Missing files during backup with HBS3

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Missing files during backup with HBS3

Post by PriAless » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:26 pm

so while running a remote backup (remote for HBS3 but the 2 NAS where in the same local network) from the TS-431P (with 4 HDDs on RAID 5) to TS-832X (3 HDDs also on RAID 5) after 6 days (3/4 where left) some folders in the source NAS went missing (more than 1TB of data!). Recycle bin was active but nothing in there. Unfortunately we had no spapshots or backups (or at least we had half of it until this happened). We noticed that the storage amount was effectively reduced after the file loss just like if those files have been actually deleted (we hypothesize this wasn't an accidental delete from human since recycle bin is active). Unfortunately the backup didn't reach to copy those files so unless there's a solution for data recovery (we hope so..) they could be gone forever..

The TS-431P worked for several years without giving any kind of problems like this, no disk was found damaged, corrupted or similar and suddenly on his first backup this is what happened.
Did anybody experienced this kind of issues, in particular using HBS3 as the backup software?
Actually we never updated the firmware since we bought it, could have been his fault?

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