Hybrid Backup RTRR impossibly slow

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Re: Hybrid Backup RTRR impossibly slow

Post by Moogle Stiltzkin » Sat Apr 17, 2021 8:54 pm

pekako wrote:
Sat Apr 17, 2021 4:22 pm

please try to disable ssl.
this helped me.
after the change i have 90MegaByte/sec
i disabled ssl, run the short test for the connection, it did improve the speed by 10 MB/s at least. I'm using over local lan, so SSL is overkill ya?

*keep in mind i had a job running while i did this test, so maybe it can possibly be faster if i ran test when not having an active job running :'

but still my result in hbs is like 60-70 MB/s now. then again i'm using the checksum verification, so that slows things down further :' I tested with TS-877 to TS-653A

P3R wrote:
Sat Apr 17, 2021 5:44 pm
Did you set it up as local or remote storage? Local would definitely be preferred and doing that I don't even understand how SSL could be enabled.
oo, sorry for the confusion. the ssl was in reference to the ts-653a and the ts-509 pro. the tl-d400s does not use ssl at all. i may have mispoke earlier :'

Local. If i am not mistaken, this was the only option for me (it was only selectable as local), because the TL-D400S is connected directly into the TS-877 with the installed addon card for connection kinda cable thingy that came with it :' I understand that is the best connection possible since it's connected direct.

I'll wait a couple of qts releases then try run the backup again when i do my scheduled backup in a few months time and report back.

I'm waiting for quts hero for my ts-877.... because i want to do a full reinitialization (and at the same time i can also test if recovering data from the TL-D400S actually works for this scenario). Because everytime i check on hbs settings, i sometimes get a reoccuring error pop up message. looks benign but i worry about that message in HBS. feels like the app is corrupt on my system. But i don't know how to fix that unless i do a full reinit. Which i hope coincides with quts hero release.

fyi i upgraded my previous 8 port managed switch for a 24 port managed poe+ switch. So we can rule the switch out as the problem :'

here i made a network topology to offer insight how my network is laid out

all cat 6 ethernet cabling. exception being the cat6 going through wall is a solid cat6. and 1-2 cat5e going to non crucial equipment. and the special cable for use that came with the tl-d400s to connect it to the qnap ts-877.

and as for wifi connectivity, i only use it for devices that have no choice but to use wifi for connectivity. the asus is not in use except when the unifi ap is down for some reason. Hopefully i can replace the asus for another wifi ap, so i can then have wifi ap in 2 separate rooms for even better reception, rather than relying on an ap in a different room as such provides a weaker signal :(

but my managed switches are POE+ so that is 1 less issue to worry about :mrgreen:
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