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HBS 3 syncs over manually added files on destination NAS

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 7:29 pm
by CrissyChris
Hi folks,
facing a strange behavior of HBS3. Background: my backup-NAS crashed and I needed to format all drives.
As both NAS are in different locations I copied files from the source NAS via HBS3 backup to an external hard drive.
I then mounted the hard disk to the remote NAS (put it in physically and mounted it via SSH/Shell) and copied the files via rsync.
Now both NAS look perfect, files are all there, file count and folder count and folder size matches.
BUT: when I start HBS3 and perform an 1-way-sync HBS3 overwrites files already existing (and I unchecked the "check files" option). It seems that some files are "accepted" and not overwritten, but most of them are backupped as if there are no files already existing. AND: even stranger: when I perform a 2-way-sync this does NOT happen and the synchronization is finished correctly.
What might be the reason for that? Are there any parameters / metadata that are not correctly transferred?
More than happy for any hints.