ts-451 one network local, one network VPN

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ts-451 one network local, one network VPN

Post by shawnt62 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:56 am

I am usually pretty good at google but it seems because i do not know the correct term for what i want, I am not getting the right results.

I have a 451 with dual network interfaces, both are plugged in to my switch. Presently I have them together wth port trunking enabled but I know that will have to go away.

I want one network card to be on 192.168.2.xx network (House) and the second to be on VPN for File transfers with Transmission. From my laptop I want to be able to click on a link which would send it through home network to transmission and in turn Transmission to do file transfer out the VPN connection.

What is the term I need to google to see how to do this, Bridging, Static Routing? I did try it with download station and that was kind of able to work by using connect to function but then I couldn't use link clicking on fire fox on laptop to initiate downloads (made logical sense to me as Download station was on VPN so not visible to local hardware).

Please if I haven't provided enough information, just ask, I am learning here. Up to now I have been basic plug and play (if it didnt work I gave up but thankfully everything has worked) but now I need to go up a level in knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

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