Force DownloadStation 5 to use VPN

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Re: Force DownloadStation 5 to use VPN

Post by Moogle Stiltzkin » Mon Jul 29, 2019 6:04 pm

afaik if vpn is setup on your router, then your qnap internet will already be using vpn.

if however you setup the vpn on the qnap itself using qvpn, then there are 2 things you can do

1. in virtual switch, make the gateway the VPN.
2. in appcenter for download station, there is a toggle to force the connection to use the VPN for it.

run a test using or some other, using the torrent magnet, and confirm the ip registered is using the VPN IP.

You may want to disable ipv6 on the qnap, and perhaps router as well, as that tends to leak your real ip.

I noticed that for vpn (PIA) setup on pfsense router, it's possible to setup a kill switch

Not sure about other routers (e.g. ASUS using rt merlin)
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Re: Force DownloadStation 5 to use VPN

Post by dolbyman » Mon Jul 29, 2019 9:29 pm

asus merlin supports killswitch and selective routing

so you can have a container/vm on the nas use the vpn (e.g. for torrenting) but the rest is not using the tunnel

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