Download station / QVPN IP / Plex Remote IP gets changed

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Download station / QVPN IP / Plex Remote IP gets changed

Post by PEye2000 » Wed May 22, 2019 6:13 am

I,m running Plex for my family’s movies for them to remote access, All works good till I download something new using Download station with QVPN set up with a PIA primary link and secondary PIA backup link.. What happens is once all is done and I exit the NAS I would notice or get a message from one of my kids saying they can’t get logged in.. what I noticed is the remote Plex IP address has changed to the PIA primary link or secondary PIA backup link address, Plex will not revert back to the IP remote address it was using when working fine... I would have to go into QVPN and temporarily disconnect primary and secondary links, then to Plex to click on retry remote connection next to the port settings getting a remote connection successfully, then back to QVPN to reconnect the the primary and Secondary PIA links... any help please and thanks in advance, PS.. I am running two QNAP TS-251+ systems in two different physical locations and experiencing the same on both at times... thanks again..!

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Re: Download station / QVPN IP / Plex Remote IP gets changed

Post by Moogle Stiltzkin » Wed May 22, 2019 7:09 am

I'm pretty sure the Launch button on just links you to your ip address without any kind of actual dyndns magic. ... access-is/

[Tutorial] Plex VPN Bypass

Just thought I'd post my config because I've seen this several different ways, some of which involved several ports or whitelisting massive chunks of Amazon IP Addresses.

I'll assume you have Plex setup as well as your OpenVPN on your router, and you will need to use a static IP for the Plex server or this will break on IP change.

Step 1. Setup Remote Access in Plex
I used a manual port for this, but as it stands this won't work over VPN (unless you have some VPN that handles port forwarding). As most people are bypassing the VPN, we'll use this.

Choose whatever manual port you want and take note of it. At this point the Remote Access is not going to work.

Step 2. Forward this port to your Plex Server.
Use the port from step one as both the Port Range and Local Port. Enable Forwarding for "BOTH". Call your service Plex (doesn't really matter about the name).

Step 3. Easy VPN Domain Bypass
OpenVPN can lookup the IP Addresses via domain. I simply added "route net_gateway" (no quotes) to custom configuration on the OpenVPN client page. This makes that domain bypass the VPN. We need this because the Remote Access will get your VPN IP which most likely will reject your port. This makes it see your real IP.

Step 4. Make traffic over the Plex port bypass the VPN.
This uses a method that let me use SSH over VPN, something I struggled to get working with an OpenVPN Desktop client (actually never did get working. VPN dead = no SSH). It works the same way for Plex.

That script works for me with 1 VPN (probably more than 1 as well). This will make all the Plex traffic going in and out of the port we chose not use the VPN. I only needed one port, and I didn't have to whitelist half of Amazon to make this work.

I tested this and I was able to access my Plex server via my iPhone on a different network, 25 miles away. ... **.31410/

i found some sauce not sure if any of it helps :)
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