Download Station vs speed limits

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Download Station vs speed limits

Post by aboaboit » Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:23 am


Running DS on a TS-251 with firmware I have set up a "download schedule" that says, basically, full speed only weekdays between midnight and 7 am. All other times the max download speed across all supported services (BT, in particular) is limited to 500KB/s (on a 10mbps ADSL).

Apparently it is ignored:
  • in the GUI the speed will indeed stay below 500KB/s when limitation is active
  • at the router, there is no discernible bandwidth usage difference between the limited and the unlimited options (checked both with iftop and with openwrt's own graphs
  • stopping DS, the BT traffic through the router drops to zero
What gives?
(asking out of curiosity, I'm going back to QTransmission)

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