Download Station 5.2.1 restarted all downloads

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Download Station 5.2.1 restarted all downloads

Post by MarvQN » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:08 pm

Was seeding Ubuntu and other open source iso images for a long time but stopped DS due to data consumption competing with Netflix. Now I'm on a data-generous fibre broadband plan I updated DS to 5.2.1 (from 5.2.0) a couple of weeks ago, restarted DS and added the latest and LTS versions to continue sharing and this all seemed fine until today.

Looking just now and the download list was empty, the files are all still happily sitting on the NAS, logged out of the web UI and in again- same. Stopped and started DS and they're back except the files are now downloading all over again into @DownloadStationTempFiles.

Is there a way to shortcut the download process using the files already there? I'd rather not download 20GB all over again and especially not if they disappear again! Anyone had similar issues?

Running a TS-451+
Uptime 30 days
Always on (with an online UPS)

Edit: Share time for all torrents set to "forever", temp and completed files set to same location which is not @DownloadStationTempFiles, nothing relevant in the logs since updating/starting DS on 28 July


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