traffic towards port 6881

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Re: traffic towards port 6881

Post by schumaku » Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:18 pm

jsarcone wrote:I'm seeing the same thing and I'm going back and for with Qnap Support. Disabling Download Station didn't work. I had to disable the entire service from the application Center and UPnP from Discovery service. This seems to stop the flooded of request. When I changed my DNS from Google/OpenDSN to my ISP for troubleshooting I was flooded again with Spam. Once I change my DNS and turned off these service it has subsided but not completely stopped.
There is _nothing_ you can stop the zillions of BT systems out there which still remember the public IP address of your Internet connection attempting to connect. Even if another ISP customer used the same public IPv4 address before, you _will_ get the connection attempts.

The Download Station does (permitting it had UPnP config enabled) forward the ports required by UPnP IGD. Most "stupid" consumer routers forget these port forwardings on a reboot. Some "better (?)" router remember the UPnP IGD settings in the config storage, and re-apply the previous settings after a reboot - there you have to remove em manually.

With the Download Station (or any other BitTorent clients) disabled, the "service" (as explained before) on this port is no longer active.

DNS addresses or providers used for queries are completely irrelevant in this context.

UPnP Discovery Service has _nothing_ to do with the UPNP IGD port forwarding, or remaining connection attempts from the wild Internet. The UPnP Discovery services disabled does only prohibit from showing the NAS in UPnP capable discovery clients like Windows Explorer - and _nothing_ else.

Nothing QNAP Support can do - waste of time and resources.

jsarcone wrote:I really think that there is something going on here.
Welcome to the Internet. It can take a lot of time until all trackers and tracker-less BT systems "out there" will stop query this IP address - statistically, it might _never_ happen, and you will see connection attempts for years.


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Re: traffic towards port 6881

Post by jsarcone » Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:00 am

Support worker it out and the connections have stopped.. I have disabled download just to make I'm definitely good now.

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