[FAQ] How to automatically mount shares in Mac

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[FAQ] How to automatically mount shares in Mac

Post by QNAPJason » Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:31 pm

The built-in Bonjour support lets Mac users easily find and access QNAP NAS share folders.

You can follow these steps to automatically mount shares on your Mac

1. Login to your QNAP via Bonjour
2. Go to "System Preferences", then "Accounts".
3. Click "Login Items".
4. Click "+" to add an item.
5. From the window that pops up on the left, click on Qnap to expand and show the folders.
6. Click and drag on whichever folders you want to open on startup across to the Login Items list.
7. When you switch the computer on, it automatically mounts the folders you've selected.


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