MediaInfo could not be loaded

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MediaInfo could not be loaded

Post by Nemean » Fri Mar 29, 2019 6:00 am

Ok so Mono seems to cause an issue where if you install a newer version it breaks Sonarr and Radarr with:
MediaInfo could not be loaded

I have read the post about installing an older version but I have a TS-128A so I can't fine a Mono qpkg to install for my architecture and I'm very new to all of this so don't know what else to try. I have tried installing the oldest mono for my architecture ( however I still have the same issue.

Any suggestions would be great as stated I am using a TS-128A and firmware version is 4.3.6. I can get sick rage working but I much prefer Sonarr any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: MediaInfo could not be loaded

Post by bassar » Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:55 pm

Found this elsewhere on the forums and it worked for me - install this:

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