QNAP NAS with iTunes

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Re: QNAP NAS with iTunes

Post by BenlyHar » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:15 pm

This is undoubtedly the most helping post!

I was looking for my iTunes to be setup on NAS and All Hail God Lord I find it here.


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Re: QNAP NAS with iTunes

Post by gatto_mannaro » Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:51 pm

I see that this discussion is quite old, so I don't know how updated it is
I was looking how to setup the music sharing for all idevices best.
I'm trying to use that server on the latest firmware, I doesn't seem to work properly. I needed to modify the conf file by hand (when I was choosing the directory from the web I was notified of an error). Now that the directory is pointed correctly, I run scan but no files are found.
Some hints? Shall I think to something different?

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Re: QNAP NAS with iTunes

Post by Paul&Joanne » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:56 am

When I moved from PC to NAS storage I decided to still keep iTunes as my music library.
I don't bother using the QNAP "Multimedia" Folder, or activating QNAP's own "iTunes Server" option.

Here's what I do...
All my main music files are stored on the NAS in a folder I created called "Music".
iTunes creates copies of the music in it's own media folder.

So, here's how I set it up...
Open iTunes on the PC and go:
Preferences>General> give the library a useful name.
Preferences>Sharing> Tick Share Your Library.
Preferences>Advanced> Tick the options Keep iTunes Organised, Share iTunes Library XML, and Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder.
Finally, know where your iTunes library folder is located... Preferences>Advanced
You can now close iTunes

Go to QNAP, open File Station and create a new folder called "iTunes".
Copy everything from the original iTunes folder you located on the PC to this new iTunes folder you created on QNAP.

You're almost done...
Press-and-Hold Shift while opening iTunes on the PC.
Select the Choose Library option.
Locate/browse the new iTunes folder you created on the QNAP, and in it should be the library directory file.
iTunes then displays all your music library as it normally does.
When you reopen iTunes you don't need to press Shift, just open as usual.

That's it really.
If you have any other PC's on the network you'll be using use Hold-Shift-and-Open iTunes to locate the library on the QNAP and you're sorted.

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Re: QNAP NAS with iTunes

Post by leothe3rd » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:24 pm

I'm new to this QNAP NAS TS-251B and added a copy of all my music (AIFF files) via a USB 3 HDD drive to a folder under Multimedia called Music. After everything was copied and indexed when I choose the QNAP NAS in iTunes apps, only the 2 sample music folders show up. What should I do to get the rest of my music library to show up? Is there a specific folder to use on the QNAP?

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