Qfile stopped syncing some folders and camera folder is in 'download folder'?!

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Qfile stopped syncing some folders and camera folder is in 'download folder'?!

Post by Luke0086 » Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:11 pm

Hey guys and gals,

So, qfile has worked properly for ages but I just realised today, that several photos and videos in my 'camera' folder on the SD card has stopped uploading. Strangely though, whenever I take a photo in an app like the default messaging app, it saves this in the 'camera' folder on the internal storage. The SD card folder has now stopped syncing but the internal camera folder is. Have I discovered a bug?!

Also, I was playing around with Qfile to figure out if I could get it to scan and upload a specific folder and during that process I pressed on 'download folder' in the left hand menu. I discovered that in that part of the menu is a 'camera' folder alongside the folder I Actually created for downloads, and the files that were supposed to be synced to my QNAP NAS seems to be on a second folder on my phone - the download folder! How can this be?! So just to explain that a bit, I have downloaded some images and videos from my QNAP to my phone into a folder inside the download folder located at "/storage/6263-3034/DCIM", yet alongside this I was surprised to find a 'camera' folder in there, also!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Edit: I just took another photo, it hasn't uploaded to the intended QNAP NAS folder that my photos and videos normally upload to, but it's now instantly in the 'Download Folder/Camera' part of the menu. It didn't even appear in Background Tasks/Auto Upload!

Edit 2: OK I was a little dumb, it seems that the folder that was selected as the 'download folder' was the folder that contains the folder I wanted as the download folder. So I'm guessing Qfile excluded the entire folder for uploading because it's in the excluded download folder. I've now selected the folder inside, that I actually want as the download folder so the question is now, how do I sort out this mess of making qfile sync the files that used to be in the excluded download folder

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