QPhoto non showing transcoded resolutions

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QPhoto non showing transcoded resolutions

Post by xfrex »

Hi, I have everything setup on my TS230 to generate video thumbnails via video station and cayin media player, which also transcodes immediately the files in 720p. The 720p are being generated corretly, however I can select ONLY "original" resolution via the QPhoto APP resulting in stuttering and waiting when I'm on 3g/4g networks.

I've already tried to rebuild index, chane the transcoding setting to a "scheduled" one, return back to "immediately transcode" setting but nothing changes.

What am I doing wrong?
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Re: QPhoto non showing transcoded resolutions

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The fact that you can reach your NAS via 3g/4g should make your alarm bells go off.

NEVER EVER expose your NAS to WAN.. remove all port forwards and disable upnp (both in your router).

Millions of dollars in ransomware payments have been extorted of QNAP users..just like you

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