Two Qsync transfers to the same NAS paired folder?

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Two Qsync transfers to the same NAS paired folder?

Post by Wolterr1 » Tue Oct 20, 2020 6:00 pm

Hello everyone,

I started to dabble with Qsync today and I've made some small progress to where I want it but it's not there yet.
Initially I didn't like how the Qsync data is not accessible so I went ahead and set /Backups/ as my Qsync share. With that Network Share, I made sub-folders for the devices I was syncing.

Anyways, my issue lies with Qsync and Paired folders. Hear me out.

A typical android phone will have multiple camera/image/picture folders. ie:
-Main Storage

Now, with Qsync I wanted to take /MainStorage/DCIM and sync it to /Backups/Mobile/Photos...this worked.
I then tried to do the same, /MainStorage/Picture and sync it to /Backups/Mobile/Photos...this unfortunately did not work.

But Qsync states "The Folder is already Paired"

This is frustrating because I don't want to make a whole bunch of shares for each folder. :(

I want all of my images in general to reside in /Backups/Mobile/Photos rather than having to create subfolders for each subfolder.

Has anybody had this issue and found a resolution? I'm not sure why this doesn't work and I wish it did. This would make it much easier to sync data to one folder vs multiple subfolders.

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