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stop Qfile creating Camera folder

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:23 pm
by Steve62
Using Qfile on my android phone to sync photos from phone to my TS-251G. I already have a folder structure for my photos on the NAS, but Qfile insists on creating a new folder (Camera) to upload any new photos from the phone to the NAS. I can't seem to see any means of stopping this. Am I missing something?

Re: stop Qfile creating Camera folder

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 8:21 pm
by Steve62
Solved it myself.

When setting up Auto upload, choose Folder structure: single folder, and then chose the folder on the NAS to auto upload. It seems if you choose to duplicate folder structure (I think that's the setting) it creates a new 'Camera' folder for some reason.