Any known issues with iSCSI/ Virtual Jbod - hangs on connection

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Any known issues with iSCSI/ Virtual Jbod - hangs on connection

Postby ourcontact » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:19 am

I started with a TS-431, currently 4.3.3
I decided I wanted to have an Intel version for some of the apps and run a couple Ubuntu VMs and added a TS-451, also on 4.3.3

I would like the Qnap TS-451 intel processor to have access to the disk space on the TS-431 and tried iSCSI and Virtual JBOD

on the TS-431 I have a single static volume on Raid 5 and Created an iSCSI Target, no CHAP, as a 2TB Image Volume LUN with Instant Allocation
- Listed as File Based LUN in iSCSI Target list

On the TS-451 I attempted to Create a Virtual JBOD, there are 4 steps
1 Introduction - nothing to do here
2 Create - I am successful in detecting the NAS and the Test connection is successful
3 Setup - If I don't have a target setup or available, I can get to this step which gives me options of crating a new LUN in a storage pool, as I have a single static volume I can not select an option here and move forward, I can only go back to the start of the Create step.
But if I have the target ready, I can not get to this second step in Setup, When I click Next on the NAS selection/Test page to proceed to target selection, the TS-451 just sits on Connecting and the only way I have found to recover is to reboot the NAS
4 Success - never made it this far.

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