Iscsi disconnects

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Iscsi disconnects

Post by pedro.arce » Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:28 pm

I am having a problem with the ISCSI that I connect from my Qnap NAS, it connects correctly, but after some time it disconnects automatically, I have tried CHAP authentication and without it but the same thing happens to me, what I have seen in the viewer of Events are the following errors and warnings:
- Connection to the lost destination. The initiator will retry the connection - Event ID: 20 - Source: ISCSI
- The initiator could not send an iSCSI PDU. The error status is indicated in the dump data. - Event Id: 7 - Origin: ISCSI
- Initiator error connecting to destination. The destination IP address and TCP port number are indicated in the dump data - Event ID: 1 - Source: ISCSI
- Error detected in the device \ Device \ Harddisk2 \ DR2 during a paging operation. Event Id: 51 - Source: Disk

Any idea how to fix this

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Re: Iscsi disconnects

Post by storageman » Mon Sep 23, 2019 5:09 pm

Does it ping when the connection is lost?
I suspect a network issue.
Try connecting direct to host server with 169.x.x.x address and see if this also disconnects.

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