iSCSI Increase Size Failed - Now Error

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iSCSI Increase Size Failed - Now Error

Post by mhswa » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:46 am

Hi All

we have a TS-831XU-RP that we use to share a iSCSI Target out, we had an issue with our server so we had to reboot it, i decided to increase the LUN size from 2TB to 4TB while it was offline, when i made the modification using the edit button on the target.

I received an error 10 or so minutes later saying it failed to increase the size, i noticed that in the Storage Space Pool is had increased the size to 4TB, but in the ISCSI Target Lun was set to 2TB with a Error under status.... i then figured out how to edit this LUN to say its actually 4TB, the error went away, then came back after a minute or so. Is there anyway to revert this change to 2TB, or fix the 4TB increase? i have a production VM on this share that i cant afford to loose and the original backup of it will take awhile to get back onsite

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Re: iSCSI Increase Size Failed - Now Error

Post by storageman » Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:03 pm

That's not a box I would use for ISCSI.
What kind of LUN is it,Thick or Thin?
What host is it?
Did you expand the drive on the host?
Thin LUNs have issues...

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