iscsi storage size problem

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iscsi storage size problem

Post by article15 » Thu Dec 22, 2022 12:51 am

hi all
newbie here for qnap. found ts431 model for free. i would have 2 questions.
1st ive created raid 5 with 2x4tb 2x3tb and for sure 4tbs actlike 3 so ive got 8tb in total but when i tried to create iscsi target and lun it doesnt allow me create more than 3tb ive also try to create new lun after 3tb it shows only 11gb left in storage where am i doing wrong?
also 2nd one i know its ideal to keep all disk at same size, if i ll buy 2 more 4tb s can i remove 3tbs then add 4tb s and make raid size larger as for 4x4tb?
merry xmas and happy new year
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Re: iscsi storage size problem

Post by FSC830 » Sat Dec 24, 2022 5:16 am

Actually I do not use a LUN in that size. My largest LUN is 2TB, so I do not know, if there is such a limit.
The second answer is yes, if you replace the 3TB disks with 4TB disks (each after each = two rebuilds), then you can expand pool and volume/LUN.
For the LUN limit you should ask QNAP support.


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