iSCSI woes with 4.3.6 build 0895 and 0923

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iSCSI woes with 4.3.6 build 0895 and 0923

Post by ahoogerhuis » Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:13 pm

I've had rock solid iSCSI performance from two QNap units for several months, but needed to upgrade to try and fix a few things that wasn't related to iSCSI. Turns out that neither build 0895 not 0923 works well as iSCSI targets at all.

My initiators are a few ESXi 6.0u3 machines, and there has been no change on that side, but suddenly after upgrading the QNaps they cannot sustain any usable iSCSI load. We have routinely have 3-5gbit of traffic against both boxes with no issues. Now both fall on their asses and drop the iSCSI targets until rebooted when accessed under light load, and usually after transferring 20-40gb of data.

Both units are all parts from QNap and their HCL, both have 20+Gb RAM and both uses SSDs for cache, and are full up with 10Tb disks.

The wonderful part is that QNap refuses to let me get to download the older 0805 build to restore functionality.

Has anyone else seen issues with this?


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Re: iSCSI woes with 4.3.6 build 0895 and 0923

Post by storageman » Wed May 01, 2019 4:54 pm

Have you tried disabling the SSD cache and recreating the targets?
Other option is a factory reset. The LUNs will stay but the targets will need recreating, any shares, IP, etc.

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