Unable to connect iSCSI LUNs after upgrade to 4.4.1

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Re: Unable to connect iSCSI LUNs after upgrade to 4.4.1

Post by Live Wire » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:08 am

Just following up... I decided to update to It was released on 10/25 and I wasn't 100% sure it was the version I downloaded and installed last week or if it was I also took a look at the release notes for 1101 and it said one of the fixes was not being able to connect to their iSCSI LUNs. Anyway, long story short, it didnt work. Same problem. I reverted again to 4.3.6 and was back in business.

This really sux especially since we'll need to patch for Qsnatch soon.
Model: TS-453 Pro (2GB RAM)
Firmware: 4.3.6
Spindles: 3x 3TB WD30EFRX (RAID5)
SSD: 1x 256GB Crucial M4
Network: 4Gb/s LACP

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Re: Unable to connect iSCSI LUNs after upgrade to 4.4.1

Post by ClumsyMe » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:09 am

I also had the same issue where my datastore disappeared and thru the web interface esxi (running 6.7) only allowed me to format the LUN after a firmware upgrade to 4.4.1 (I was upgrading from 4.3.4 and went the following path to be safe because I wasn't sure how huge of an upgrade it was to 4.4.1.. 4.3.4->4.3.6->4.4.1).. I have a single iscsi LUN and I do use LUN masking (ACL) on the QNAP..

However I did not have to revert back to the 4.3.6 firmware as I was able to get my esxi hosts to see my datastore, mount it, and make it persistant after reboot by running the following commands in the CLI:

esxcfg-volume -l (scans for datastores and will provide mount/resignature status of any detected datastore)
esxcfg-volume -M <uuid> (copy/paste the uuid from the -l output with no <>, make sure you use the -M flag as that will tell esxi to mount the datastore after every reboot.. There is also a -m flag to test mounting but it will not mount the datastore after a reboot)

So far so good in regards to stability. Hopefully they can find out why this is happening..

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Re: Unable to connect iSCSI LUNs after upgrade to 4.4.1

Post by YsCaCmC7A3GJeK8E » Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:57 pm

I had this same issue and was able to get things working using the following steps.

Update to the latest software version
Login to the NAS using SSH
Edit the /etc/config/iscsi_trgt.conf file

Code: Select all

vi /etc/config/iscsi_trgt.conf
Update LUNSectorSize value from 0 to 512.

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