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iSCSI slow

Post by RcTomcat » Sat Dec 26, 2020 4:34 am

Hi Guys,

I got the following Setup:

2 iSCSI Luns connected to a Windows 10 Machine.
One via a 10Gbit Connection on a 251D with an SSD Cache, the other from a 463 via 1Gbit also with an SSD Cache.
Both LUNs have a an NTFS Volume on it, allowing for a mere 200-220Mbit/s (max 25Mb/s) of Transfer Speed on Write. Response time is about 250ms, Active time max 50%. Read seems fine.
The iSCSI LUNs seem to have the same slow write speed no matter if SSD Cache is enabled or disabled.
Source for writes is an NVMe SSD, which should be capable of maxing out that 10G Network Connection or at least the SSD Cache on the NAS.

Any Idea what might be the issue here? I can write to both NAS via SMB with full Gbit Speed.

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