Cisco C210 Broadcom 5709C and Qnap TS-1279U-RP ISCSI w2k8

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Cisco C210 Broadcom 5709C and Qnap TS-1279U-RP ISCSI w2k8

Postby cciekid » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:32 pm

We trying to get a Cisco UCS C210 with a Broadcom 5709 and a Qnap TS-1279U-RP to do ISCSI boot using the TOE on the Broadcom 5709. We can get the Broadcom 5709C to connect to the Qnap without issue. After the broadcom is connected I boot into the windows 2008 R2 installtion DVD. I then provision the Disk via the installtion process of Windows 2008 R2. It fully installs Windows 2008 R2 on the Qnap with out issue. After the installation I set the Broadcom to do normal ISCSI boot. It at this point it doesn't work and go nowhere. I am hoping that someone out there may have a answer to this problem. Cisco Tac has been unable to figure it out and they seem to indicate the issue is on the Qnap and not the Cisco UCS C210 and or the Broadcom 5709. I am looking for any information that anyone out there can provide. We been at it for 2 weeks now and have not gotten very far.

PS. we have tried windows 7 and believe it is not a Operating system problem but a Broadcom, Cisco UCS and or QNAP but looking for direction at this point.

Did anyone get a Qnap and a C210 with a 5709C to work?

Thank You!

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