Do USB 3.0 drives work for you?

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Do USB 3.0 drives work for you?

Yes, all of my USB 3.0 drives work flawlessly all the time (please reply and list which models)
Yes, but only some of my drives work (please reply and list which models work and which don't)
No, but they used to work, worked only once, or do not fully work (e.g. disconnect after a while)
No, not at all
I don't use USB 3.0 drive(s) with my NAS
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Re: Do USB 3.0 drives work for you?

Postby markusd112 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:26 am

I have still problems from the beginning on with my front USB port of my TS-251+. Sometimes no external USB Drive is recognized when connecting it to front usb port, but it works fine in rear USB2 ports. After a reboot, it get working in front USB. The problem occurs with USB2 and USB3 hard disks or other USB device (like a USB SD card reader or USB stick).

In the moment the problem is there again: my backup USB3 HDD (WDBU6Y0040BBK-0A) isn't recognized when plugging into front USB port. No blue USB LED is lighting.

Now I have done a reboot of the NAS and after that it works again... It's very annoying. QNAP support hasn't solved the problem, I tried to contact them in dec. 2016, without a solution.
TS-251+, FW Build 20171101, 8GB RAM

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