QNAP QSW-308-1C 10GbE Switch came with no instructions!!!

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QNAP QSW-308-1C 10GbE Switch came with no instructions!!!

Post by TheBanditKing » Tue Apr 20, 2021 2:48 am

I am trying to setup QNAP QSW-308-1C 10GbE Switch with my unraid and PFSense

Everywhere online there is only instruction to setup a direct connection with a different subnet and ip.

No one on youtube has instructions how to setup a 10gb network switch!!

The 10gb connection only works if I connect a gateway and ip with 192.168.1

I dunno what I'm doing wrong I am about to return the dumb qnap switch because it is unmanged and has no web address to set setting.

I follow so many guides and they don't work! Please help me!

Bob Zelin
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Re: QNAP QSW-308-1C 10GbE Switch came with no instructions!!!

Post by Bob Zelin » Tue Apr 20, 2021 7:13 am

this is an unmanged switch. It's a "dumb" quap switch because it's unmanaged - that defines the term "dumb switch". Get a managed switch, and you can set whatever you want.

The QSM-M1208-8C is a managed 10G switch. The QSW-1208-8C is unmanaged - it's a dumb switch - you can't set anything on it. No IP's, no VLAN's, no link aggregation LACP, nothing. That's why I only use managed switches.
A dumb switch does not need instructions - there is nothing to do, except plug it in.

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Re: QNAP QSW-308-1C 10GbE Switch came with no instructions!!!

Post by Moogle Stiltzkin » Tue Apr 20, 2021 9:45 am

you're right

it says this in the description "Gigabit Unmanaged Switch"

so straight away you know it's a plug and play type device. but i'm sure that there may be a manual or something about the switch on the product page. It's the "QIG" file on the download page, very basic though.

But what is there to talk about though, it's got this port, that port, and that's about it really :(

Mike's review covers pretty much all there is about this switch

The managed version would be more like this, which has a WEB UI where you can manage more options available in the switch (usually i configure vlans in the settings for these types of switches)

QNAP QSW-M408-2C - A low cost managed switch with 10GbE

No one on youtube has instructions how to setup a 10gb network switch!!
i'm no expert, don't you just plugin in the 10gbe connection from the switch to the client device which also has that 10gbe?


here he discusses about sfp. SFP+ is what has 10gbe speeds though. anyway he explains how that works

SFP+ 10 Gigabit Connectors: LC Multi-Mode Fiber, 10GBASE-T, and DAC Cables.

this guy explains about whether you have to do any configurations on windows 10 client device or not. short answer, no :' plug and play. rest is just troubleshoot why you don't get full 10gbe for one reason or another
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